QFC TowerThe latest Global Financial Centres Index, GFCI 15, covering 83 financial centres has been published by the London based Z/Yen Group. The index ranks Qatar as the top financial centre in the GCC.

Executive Chairman of the Z/Yen Group, Professor Michael Mainelli, said:

The immediate story of GFCI 15 is that New York City overtakes London.  But that misses the bigger picture as Hong Kong and Singapore continue to gain against both traditional leaders.  In the GCC, Qatar, Bahrain, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi all increase their ratings. Yet in Europe, 23 of 27 European centres decline.  Financial centre leadership is increasingly uncertain in a world of feeble monetary systems.’

Qatar’s rating rose by 15 points, mainly driven by its increasing competitiveness and perceived significance as a financial centre. The index saw the ratings of Bahrain, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi in the region also increase. However, Qatar maintained its leading position.

CEO and Board Member of the QFC Authority, Shashank Srivastava, said:

I am delighted that Qatar has again been recognised as the leading financial centre in the GCC. The GFC Index, which is published twice a year, is a highly relevant and recognised indicator reflecting the views and opinions of executives from all over the world. Qatar’s position and rise in the ratings reflects how well the economy is performing, the competitive business environment and the world class legal, regulatory and tax platform the Qatar Financial Centre offers all firms to grow their businesses in Qatar and the broader GCC region.’

GFCI 15 uses 25,441 financial centre assessments completed by 3,246 financial services professionals. The GFCI is updated regularly and ratings change as assessments and instrumental factors change.

To view the GFCI 15 report, visit this link.