The General Directorate of Traffic launched today its latest e-service that facilitate registering minor road accidents between two vehicles via Metrash2. This service comes as the latest addition in the context of technological and electronic development supported and promoted by the Ministry of Interior through its various public service departments, in order to reduce the time required for obtaining its services and simplify procedures for the public.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Directorate today to announce the launch of this service, Brig. Mohamed Saad Al Kharji, director general of General Directorate of Traffic, noted that by launch of this service, in case of reconciliation between the parties involved in the accident, either party can make 4 photos of the both vehicles involved in the accident and send them via Metrash2 to Traffic Directorate investigation office and he will receive a notification SMS asking him to wait for another message on further procedures. After verification, the party whose vehicle has been damaged by the fault of other, will receive a text message with instruction to go the insurance company while the party at fault will receive a message with approval for vehicle repair that can be printed from MOI website or from Insurance companies.

Traffic Director added that the new service will be evaluated after a while and in the future it will be extended in the accidents involving more than two vehicles as well.

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Anyone from the two parties of accident shall take not more than four photos of each car with some of them showing the accident location and number plate of the vehicles and then move the vehicles away from the road not to block the traffic. Then he can submit the photos and information via Metrash2 app. Once it is submitted via Metrash2, the traffic investigators at the Traffic Directorate will review the accident and specify who has caused the accident and send the message accordingly to go to the insurance company or get the repair approval printed.

How to use Metrash2 to register minor road accidents

  • Take not more than 4 photos of each vehicle with some of them showing number plates.
  • Move your vehicles from the accident scene and park away from the road.
  • Ensure that location services of your mobile is enabled.
    Sign in to Metrash2 and select “Traffic Services” and open ‘Accident Report’ option.
  • Enter details of both vehicles (Vehicle No. QID No and Mobile No.)
  • Attach photos of both vehicles and click on your agreement on validity of the data.
  • Submit the report for traffic investigation
  • A notification SMS (text message) will be sent to you asking to wait for another message to complete the procedures
  • After reviewing the accident photos by traffic investigators, text messages will be sent for both parties with instruction to go to insurance company or approval for vehicle repair.


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Capt. Abdullah Misad, head of Mamoura Traffic Section said that now there are four options for the parties involved in minor accidents – registering through Metrash2, approaching insurance companies where traffic investigation offices are available, visiting traffic investigation offices at different parts of the country, Waiting for traffic patrols to come to the accident site.

Capt. Ali Ahmed Al-Binali , head of e-services at Information Systems Department said that the new service is made available as part of e-services provided by Traffic Directorate and it can be accessed in all six languages of Metrash2 (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Urdu and Malayalam). He reminded that no need of both parties to register the accident; instead only one party should register the accident.

With launch this new service, total number MOI e-services provided by different departments reached 120 services.

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