Qatar Museums (QM), in collaboration with AlBahie Auction House, and the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), hosted a live charity auction titled ‘Art for Peace’ at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) on 12 May 2024. The funds raised will be directed towards providing vital aid and support to Gaza.

The auction offered an opportunity for attendees to acquire pieces of exceptional historical and cultural significance. Notable highlights included ‘Keffiyeh’ by Fatima Al Khalaf, a symbol of strength and chivalry, defining authenticity and Arab identity; ‘Destiny’ by Guzel Abdrakhmanova, focusing on the resilience and silent suffering of Palestinian children in the face of adversity; ‘Home’ by Soha Raslan, advocating for women of all ages all around the globe; ‘Butterfly of Paradise’ by Mariam Al-Sayegh, depicts the hand of a seven-day-old girl stained with blood, symbolising the horror of massacres in Gaza; ‘Sumerian Dream’ by Salim Mathkour, expressing the dream of an Iraqi person from Mesopotamia; and ‘Sunset in Red’ by Tarek Maarkach, inspired by the sea and traditional boats of Qatar.

Mohammed Al-Rumaihi, CEO of Qatar Museums, emphasised the institution’s dedication to using art for positive change. He also expressed pride in partnering with AlBahie Auction House and the Qatar Red Crescent Society for the charity auction. ‘The auction exemplifies and highlights our commitment to fostering mutual understanding through art, and it was a pleasure to see so many who share our passion take part for such a worthy cause. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the contributing artists for their generosity in partnering with us, and all those who attended and purchased a work of art for their generosity, as we unite in solidarity for Gaza.’

Faisal Mohamed Al-Emadi, Secretary-General of QRCS, expressed pride in participating in the project. ‘Representing Qatar’s deep-rooted solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, this noble charitable initiative mobilises the power of art to serve humanitarian causes. It also strengthens effective partnerships among Qatari organisations from various sectors, towards shared humanitarian and social goals.’

AlBahie Auction House connects art enthusiasts locally and globally through monthly auctions and events, promoting cultural understanding and dialogue. A first of its kind in Qatar’s art scene, AlBahie provides a dynamic platform in Doha where diverse cultures unite, celebrating heritage and nurturing a shared passion for creativity. ‘The “Art for Peace” auction was truly inspiring, showcasing unity and solidarity across the board – from Qatar Museums, AlBahie Auction House, and generous donors, all exemplifying unwavering support for Gaza,’ Ashraf AbuIssa, Chairman of AlBahie Auction House said.

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