Qatar Museums (QM) announced the return of its Youth Summer Residency for budding artists, specifically those that were chosen based on their participation at the annual Ministry of Education art exhibition, which was hosted at the Fire Station.

Participants will work with local artists on developing their passion for art as well as get the chance to experience the burgeoning art scene in Qatar and hone their skills.

The mentorship is based on the Fire Station’s Artist in Residency concept, which has proven so successful for the growing number of emerging artists, Qataris and residents, who have gone through the programme. The Youth Summer Residency aims to similarly encourage young artists to explore art and develop their artistic skills.

This year, the student mentorship will take place between 1 July to 30 August. The budding young student artists will receive mentorship and guidance on a daily basis, discuss art with established artists in the community and visit museums and galleries to reflect upon and take inspiration from other artists’ work. Following the completion of the programme, participants will have a chance to exhibit their works during an exhibition hosted at the Fire Station, which will last until the end of the year.

To support the initiative, the Fire Station has called on artists from Qatar to become mentors for this year’s talented group of students. Commenting on the initiative, Director of the Fire Station Khalifa Al Obaidly, said:

‘As a hub for the country’s young artists, the Fire Station aims to always be a source of support and inspiration for future generations of creative talent. The Youth Summer Residency is an abridged version of our prestigious Artist in Residence programme. Through it, Qatar’s aspiring young artists will find inspiration, hone their skills and interact with peers in an enriching and creative space. We are looking forward to seeing the resulting exhibition of this year’s edition.’

The Fire Station is committed to supporting the next generation of passionate artists through initiatives like the Youth Summer Residency, which is just one of the various steps QM undertakes to nurture and develop the country’s young creatives. By identifying, developing and celebrating artistic talent so early in an artist’s career, QM hopes to broaden the base of cultural talent in Qatar, contributing to its delivery of the cultural goals set out in the 2030 Qatar National Vision.