Senior representatives from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to attend the session on 29 September 

Qatar Museums, under the leadership of its Chairperson, HE Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, will chair the Academic Committee (AC) meetings for 2021.

The AC meetings platform, launched in time for the opening of the new academic year, is designed to raise awareness on the various learning tools, opportunities and resources that Qatar’s arts and culture sector has to offer. It also aims to share expertise and align the work of schools with institutions such as Qatar Museums, Doha Film Institute and Reach Out to Asia.

A build-up from the Teachers Committee already established by Qatar Museums further engages and enhances learning offerings to all members of the community.

The platform is open to private and public schools and supported by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE) and Qatar University.

Inaugural Meet

HE Sheikha Al-Mayassa will deliver the welcome remarks while Omar Al Naama, Assistant Undersecretary for Private Schools, will share observations on the importance of aligning informal and formal education for the benefit of school programmes to augment learning. Qatar University President Dr Hassan Rashid Al-Derham, will also be in attendance.

According to HE Sheikha Al-Mayassa, Qatar Museums launched the Academic Committee as a secondary step to the Teacher’s Committee that was established over six years ago. The objective is to foster collaboration between schools, universities, museums and other cultural institutions, and to align school curricula with hands-on learning offered by culture and arts-related institutions.

Museums are neutral platforms, incubators for innovation and learning and we welcome this cross-pollination that will provide an invaluable platform for education professionals to maximise learning outcomes. By default, museums become external learning labs enabling teachers and faculty to teach all subjects across all different curriculums available in Qatar.

Qatar Museums will work closely with school principals to gain a deeper insight into the latest trends, initiatives and curriculum content of primary, preparatory and secondary schools across Qatar. This collaboration will assist in developing enhanced custom-tailored educational offerings that align with school programmes. The alignment will also provide information to the long-term exhibition planning of Qatar Museums, to support and complement school curricula.


AC membership will be on a rotation basis, with new members able to join annually, upon invitation. School principals who have excelled in devising and implementing visionary projects in their schools, as well as those who have engaged their schools in active and creative ways in the world of arts, culture and museums, will be invited to join the AC. Members will meet six times a year and once a year, the AC and the Teachers Council will convene, simultaneously.

Teachers and school principals can attend the inaugural AC session online this Wednesday, 29 September, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. Those interested to become members of the committee can express their interest by writing to [email protected].

Click on this Zoom link to join the inaugural AC session.

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