Under the patronage of Qatar Museums (QM) Chairperson, Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, The Doha Fire Station opens the latest edition of its Artist in Residence exhibition, titled Dual Inspirations. The exhibition, running from 17 July to 1 October, marks the end of a highly successful season of the Artist in Residence Programme – an annual initiative that nurtures creative talent from across the country.

The exhibition is curated by Dr Bahaa Abudaya, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Fire Station and previously a Visiting Professor of Art History at the Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. Dr Bahaa is also an art critic and has published several essays on Middle Eastern art and several short stories. He was also Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, and the Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris. His main research fields are Palestinian art and politics, as well as the history of the Arab art movement.

This year’s edition is presented as a conversation between two artists sharing their perspectives on the same topic. The main narrative of the exhibition is based on the idea of “reflection and inspiration”, whereby two artists are matched in one section under a specific theme which describes their work. Themes include Memory, Constructivism, Material, Contemplation, Abstractionism, City, Result, Seld, Perception and Viewpoint.

Participating artists include: Mubarak Nasser Al Thani, May Saleh Al Mannai, Islam Shehab, Fatima Mohammed, Alexandra Jawe Oddie, Ahmad Nooh Ahmad, Paul Valentine, Yasser Abdulla Al Mulla, Ryan Browning, Fatma Al Naimi, Wajiha Pervez, Yousef Fawzi Bahzad, Diogo Esteves, Aisha Al Fadhala, Aisha Al Malki, Yassmin Al Khasawneh, Shouq Al Mana, and Rachel Leah Cohn. 

Khalifa Al Obaidly, Director of the Fire Station, commented on the exhibition:

This exhibition is not only a testament to the world-class artistic talent that exists among Qatar’s creative community, but is also a proof of the impact that the programme has had in terms of nurturing our artists’ skills. I am proud to announce the conclusion of another exciting edition and look forward to being amazed by our artists’ future endeavours.’

Aisha Almalki Dual Inspirations
by Aisha Al Malki

The exhibition will also have a section titled, Contemporary Artists Reading Modernism Loudly, discussing the inspiring relationship between contemporary and modern art. Participating artists were tasked with visiting Mathaf and choosing an artwork that inspires and informs their own practice. The selected artwork is presented alongside their own to emphasise a dialogue that has taken place between two epochs and generations of artists. Some of the artists’ ideas were an extension and an answer to works by those pioneers, while others were chosen to question or provide a contrast to the works presented at Mathaf. Participating artists include Mubarak Nasser Al Thani, May Saleh Al Mannai, Fatima Mohammed, Yousef Fawzi Bahzad, Paul Valentine, Ryan Browning, and Diogo Esteves.

Rachel Dual Inspirations Doha Fire Station AIR
by Rachel Leah Cohn

The Artist in Residency Programme provides participants with a chance to delve into the world of aestheticism and be exposed to influential mentors that can help them challenge and develop their artistic skills. The programme is a highlight of Qatar Museums’ initiatives, all of which aim to create a new generation of talents that can inspire audiences and drive forward Qatar’s cultural sector.

For more information, visit the Fire Station website