The State of Qatar retained its global distinction as the safest country among Arab countries, winning first place in terms of safety and security among 118 countries, according to the annual report of the 2019 crime index issued by Numbeo, the world’s largest database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide. Numbeo provides current and timely information on world living conditions including cost of living, housing indicators, healthcare, traffic, crime and pollution.

Qatar’s superiority over this period is considered an extension of its achievements in the past years, specifically during the period (2015-2019), where it maintained the number one position in the Arab world. It reflects the constant and outstanding level enjoyed by the state in the field of security and safety, and the significant decrease in the rates of crimes in the country during that period.

Classification Criteria 

According to the classification rules of the report, countries are ranked in reverse order – the country that occupies the 118th place is the country with the lowest crime rate and ranks first in terms of safety and security. Qatar scored a total of 13.26 points in crime index, being the lowest scorer of the points starting from zero to 100 points. According to this classification, the State of Qatar came in the forefront of the safest countries with a score of 86.74 points in safety index during the current year.

Measuring Crime Rate 

NumbeoSince 2009, the Numbeo database publishes an annual report based on the measurement of crime rates in countries around the world. The index of crimes is measured according to the laws of those countries, in consideration of certain acts that constitute crimes in some countries but not in other countries. This gives a real measure of the rate of crime in countries in accordance with applicable laws.

The report also takes into account the different types of crimes and their classification according to the laws on crimes, offenses and violations. The indicators also depend on a set of standards related to the rates of crime and violence such as murder, terrorism, cost of crime and other standards. The report takes several considerations in reaching its results in terms of collecting information, and analyses the information to rank countries according to those measurements. The rates of countries range between 0-100.

Security Efforts 

The results of the annual report of the crime index indicate a number of factors, most notably the state of safety and security in Qatar, thanks to the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Interior and its vision of achieving maximum security and stability in society, protecting lives and property, in accordance with Qatar National Vision 2030. The Ministry has been working on building an integrated security system, ensuring security throughout the country, as well as enhancing security awareness among the public, which contributed to the decrease in the number of reports and issues of major crimes at concerned departments.

The competent authorities of the Ministry will continue to implement their operational plans and programmes in cooperation with the various authorities in the State, in order to enhance the position taken in various security indicators and media, and in order to preserve the achievements made in the security and service areas in the country.