Donation to Support Lifelong Learning and Educational Opportunities in Refugee Camp

Qatar National Library (QNL), in collaboration with Qatar Charity, donated a collection of books to the We Are Here – Community Centre,  a project organised by the InterEuropean Human Aid Association based at the Nea Kavala refugee camp in Greece.

The collection includes 328 children’s books and 110 adult’s books in Arabic and English. The donation aims to assist the centre in its goal to provide a platform of support, solidarity, and normality for the 800 Syrian refugees in the camp, 50% of whom are children. The books will also be used as an educational tool to aid the centre in their weekly language classes.

Dr Sohair Wastawy, Executive Director of Qatar National Library, said that QNL is committed to promoting learning and educational opportunities in Qatar and beyond. Through this donation, he said that they hope to provide knowledge and positivity to residents of the camp.

QNL, a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), supports the country’s transition from a reliance on natural resources to become a diversified and sustainable economy by spreading knowledge, nurturing imagination, cultivating creativity, and preserving the nation’s heritage for future generations. It does this by providing access to a wide array of information resources, regular training programmes, and social engagement initiatives.

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