Qatar National Library (QNL) welcomes members of the wider community to take part in a variety of events throughout August. Key events during the month are designed to raise awareness about opting for a healthier lifestyle.

Celebrating the World Breastfeeding Week, in collaboration with Sidra Medicine, a lecture on the importance of breastfeeding will be held on 2 August at the QNL auditorium. The interactive lecture will illustrate the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and babies, and its impact on early childhood development.

On 4 August, an informative lecture entitled ‘The Creation of Man between the Qur’an and Embryology’, will be held in Arabic also at the QNL Auditorium, led by Dr Mamoun Mobayed, a consultant psychiatrist, and director of the Treatment and Rehabilitation Department, Behavioural Healthcare Centre.

Education trainer Salah Al Yafeai will lead an interactive workshop on 13 August in Arabic to engage children in a series of games and creative plays in an effort to help children find ways to take on and promote good behaviour.

On 14 August, in collaboration with Community Connect Doha, QNL will hold ‘Meet-Up for Moms (MUMS): A Discussion Session for Mothers of Children with Learning Challenges’ to help parents in selecting the best schools, or education centres for their children.

According to Dr Nouf Khashman, Outreach and Community Engagement Manager at QNL, they believe that healthy families are essential to the collective success of a society and, therefore, it’s important that the concept is promoted through a range of educational programmes.

In addition to a series of ongoing personal and professional development events, QNL is inviting parents, children and other members of the community to take part in various events focused on promoting the health of the individual and the family.’

The Children’s Library will hold its monthly Mothers’ Tea Time on 25 August, 10 am. The session will be in Arabic and will highlight a range of issues that families regularly grapple with. It will include a focused discussion on the importance of breastfeeding, led by Najlaa Al Kuwari, a lactation specialist and founder of the Instagram page, Qatari Young Mothers Organisation.

This month’s Book Club for the Blind will discuss The Prophet by Khalil Gibran. The book tells the life and death of a fictitious character called Al Mustafa, the chosen and beloved prophet, as he ends a 12-year sojourn in Orphalese. The discussion will be held in English on 20 August.

On 5 August, QNL invites members of the community to learn about customs and traditions celebrated by young Filipinos living in Qatar in an event entitled ‘Mabuhay: A Celebration of Customs and Traditions of the Philippines’.

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