Qatar National Library (QNL) and Qatar Museums (QM) recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the exchange of knowledge and expertise to enhance collective research, education and community development in Qatar.

The MoU outlines cooperation between the two institutions in various areas, including digitisation of historical documents, enhancing e-learning resources, development of training programmes for researchers and librarians, cooperative reference services and shared catalogues, inter-library lending, and document delivery.

Dr Claudia Lux, QNL’S Project Director, said:

Our collaboration with Qatar Museums will serve to further facilitate an enriched learning experience by making our extensive resources widely accessible for everyone in Qatar. Our collective efforts will ultimately contribute to improving learning outcomes and preserving Qatar’s rich heritage, while empowering the wider community by providing them with continued learning opportunities.’

Susan Parker Leavy Museum Head LibraryAs a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF), QNL’s agreement with Qatar Museums will make lasting contributions to the holistic development of the wider community. It aims to achieve this by spreading knowledge, nurturing imagination, cultivating creativity, and preserving the nation’s heritage for the future.

Susan Parker Leavy, Head of the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Library, said:

It is with great pleasure that we partner with Qatar National Library to enrich the lives of our local community and support Qatar’s progress as an artistic and cultural hub. Having one of the largest collections of books on Islamic art in the region, with over 15,000 books at the MIA Library alone, we are delighted to open these resources up to a wider audience, allowing the community to explore our collections, discover our exhibitions and engage with Islamic art through our publications.’

Qatar Museums hosts a number of libraries, including the MIA Library and Mathaf, with additional facilities currently being developed. The MIA Library specialises in the history and preservation of Islamic art, housing books, monographs, periodicals and art auction catalogues detailing the rich history of Islamic art in Qatar and across the region.

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