You will be spoilt for a choice of venues when National Sport Day arrives as we add even more to the list, some of which have a distinctly nautical flavour.

Palm Island

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) will team up with Qatar Tennis Federation, the Private Engineering Office and Smash Tennis Academy to celebrate the country’s National Sports Day on 12 February 2013 by launching a packed five-day programme of wide-ranging entertainment and sporting activities. The NSD five day programme will take place on Palm Island in Doha Bay, which will be highlighting the natural places in Qatar.

During the day, the Private Engineering Office will provide old dhows, which is part of the cultural heritage of Qatar.

The NSD five day programme on Palm Island includes theatre performances to keep children entertained, alongside clowns and face painting. Mini tennis courts and beach tennis, a first in Qatar, will provide the spur for them to take part in sport on the day, under the supervision of QTF trainers and workers.

When: 12 – 16 February

Where: Palm Island

Time: 10 am to 3 pm

sailing QNSD

The Corniche Waterland Extravaganza 

Qatar’s history has always been pledged to the sea and water sports are included in the National Sport Day programme. One of the most popular Doha areas, the Corniche, will host sailing, rowing and canoe kayak activities as part of the celebrations designed to encourage people to try water sports and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Centre stage of the sailing activities will be Orry. A variety of different boats will be exhibited off-shore while sport specialists explain how the accurate use of sails, mast and rigging allow vessels to take advantage of the weather conditions.

Those who wish to learn more can register on site for a sea voyage under the navigation and surveillance of sailing skippers with vast experience.

Rowing and Canoe Kayak activities will take place at the Sheraton Bay. Indoor rowers, also known as ergometers, will be placed on shore with experts demonstrating the ideal technique, rhythm and movement of a rower and helping all those who are interested to grab a handle and start practicing. Indoor rowing popularity has grown fast in recent years. The World Rowing Federation has established an annual World Championships competition in winter time which constantly attracts the world’s best rowers.

The adventurous canoe-kayak sport will be practiced on a specially designed water racing track. All potential kayakers will be asked to wear their vests and carry their paddles to join a kayak race simulation, under the close monitoring of experienced safety guards.

Aspire Zone 

One of the events to look forward to this year is a 4 km fun-run around Aspire Zone. The route will allow participants to weave in and out of the world-acclaimed stadia and venues that Aspire Zone boasts. The run will kick off at 10 am outside Khalifa International Stadium. You can register now online, for inquiries email [email protected]

The Sports Day will witness various events and surprises. All of Aspire Zone Foundations’s facilities will be bustling with events, whether in the Ladies Sports Club, Aspire Active, Aspire Academy’s outdoor football fields, or Aspire Park.  This year also has  ‘A Journey to Remember’ and a chance to help light up the Torch-Doha Hotel.

Festivities are due to run from 8 am – 6 pm on Tuesday 12 February.