Qatar’s membership to the Global Public Diplomacy Network (GPDNet) was announced recently during an international conference in Istanbul, Turkey, which was focused on ‘The Role of Culture in bringing Polarised and Conflicting Societies together through Public Diplomacy’. 

Qatar is the only Arab country granted full membership in GPDNet, with other countries granted only associate membership.

The Cultural Village Foundation- Katara participated in the conference upon the invitation of the chairman of Yunus Emre Institution (Yunus Emre Enstitüsü) and the chairman of GPDNet, which is now under the leadership of its Turkish president Dr Şeref Ateş.

Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, the General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara, presented a conference paper stating the role of Katara in rendering culture into the language of societies, as he said it is the best means of communication. He also emphasised that culture ‘aids’ in the rapprochement between countries.

GPDNet was founded by public and cultural institutions from nine countries (Philippines, Sweden, Korea, Taiwan, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Singapore and Turkey) including Yunus Emre Enstitü in Seoul, South Korea in 2014. The number of countries has reached ten as Hungary also recently joined the network.

GPDNet was established in 2014 to enable exchange of knowledge in theoretical and practical fields and carry out bilateral and multilateral projects between cultural and public diplomatic institutions all over the world.

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