Qatar Organ Donation Centre (Hiba) is asking the public to register to be organ donors as part of spreading awareness about the cause.

Hamad Medical Corporation provides programmes in kidney and liver transplantation and for many people a transplant can mean the gift of life.

According to Hiba, making the decision to register as a donor is a personal choice. For Khalid, seeing one of his friends in need of a transplant was the driving force behind him registering as an organ donor. Khalid, a resident of Qatar and a recent addition to the Organ Donor Registry, had been aware of organ donation since his university days but never imagined someone close to him would be in need of a transplant. When he learnt that his friend Ali needed an urgent liver transplant or risked losing his life, Khalid started looking seriously into organ donation and transplantation in Qatar. Ali’s life was saved when a liver was available from a registered donor who has passed away in Qatar. Khalid also remembered that two more patients’ lives were saved through kidney transplants from the same donor. This motivated Khalid to visit the Qatar Organ Donation Centre (Hiba) to sign the registration form.

Dr Riadh Fadhil, Director of Hiba, said:

We need more people like Khalid to realise that organ donation a humanitarian act and one that is important in making Qatar a self sufficient nation, in terms of there being enough organs available for those who need them. Organ donation is a community duty and we have to contribute to the welfare of the society to prevent the death of patients on the waiting list.’

The Doha Donation Accord, which outlines how donors and recipients should be treated in Qatar, is built upon the model of equality and fairness and ensures that organs are distributed equitably amongst all nationalities. Therefore, we would like all people in Qatar to help us raise awareness about organ donation and to understand the importance of discussing these decisions with their families before consenting.