Qatar Petroleum will launch the Localisation Programme for Services and Industries in the Energy Sector Tawteen – an initiative to enhance localising the sector’s supply chain and expand the small and medium enterprises base.

The programme will be launched next month, on 18 February, and will be participated by a number of official bodies and entities, energy sector companies, and a wide spectrum of service providers and supporting industries.

Tawteen Programme

Tawteen Programme is designed to enhance the resilience of the energy sector’s supply chain. It aims to create around 100 new investment opportunities in the energy sector to retain ‘economic value’ within Qatar, which in turn is expected to add at least QAR 8 billion of import substitutes annually and create over 5,000 new white collar jobs.

The programme is also expected to provide valuable business opportunities for local and international entrepreneurs in Qatar, provide technical support as part of Tawteen supplier development programmes, and create an environment to participate in the sector’s supply chain and generate high-quality job opportunities.

Among Tawteen’s most important aspect is the introduction of the In-Country Value (ICV) policy, designed to reward suppliers and contractors who execute their contracts and agreements by maximising local content. An essential pillar of Qatar’s localisation efforts, ICV will integrate into the way business is conducted, and will set forth the rules and requirements of doing business.

According to the Minister of State for Energy Affairs and Qatar Petroleum President and CEO Saad Sherida Al Kaabi, Tawteen is a realisation of the vision and directives of HH the Amir, who have outlined the roadmap towards economic diversification and self-reliance. He said that the progromme is an important initiative that will enhance the resilience of the entire energy sector, as it constitutes a further step in creating opportunities and promoting the establishment of various industries within Qatar.

This programme aims primarily to help develop the private sector, particularly the small and medium enterprises, which plays an important role in Qatar’s economic development in terms of production, employment generation, and contribution to manufacturing, exports, and GDP. On an equal footing, Tawteen will provide greater support to the oil and gas industry, and will reinforce the country’s position as a leading, reliable, and trustworthy supplier of clean energy and high quality hydrocarbon products to the world.’

Qatar Petroleum is working with various government authorities and stakeholders to facilitate the provision of required infrastructure and the creation of appropriate policies, regulations and incentives to attract local and international companies to establish operations in Qatar. It also coordinates with other stakeholders to facilitate the development of new industries in the energy sector to ensure they acquire the capacity for greater competitiveness and financial sustainability.

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