Quarantine requirements have been extended for all arrivals in Qatar up to December 31, according to information available on the Discover Qatar website.

“For all arrivals including nationals, residents and visa holders, quarantine requirements are now extended for all arrival dates up to 31 December 2020,” Discover Qatar said on their website.

Quarantine packages were earlier extended until October 31.

Arrivals into Qatar are permitted for Qatari Nationals, their travelling companions, those with a Permanent Resident Card or other exceptionally approved Visa holders.

Pre-approved QID resident permit holders are able to apply to travel to Qatar. You will need to obtain approval to enter Qatar by applying through the Qatar Portal. Applications for a QID return visa are now open. Once approved, you can then proceed to the MOPH website to review the conditions for either self-funded or home quarantine, based on the exceptions list and your country of origin.

Visit this link for information on applying for return permit.

Important Information from Discover Qatar website 

  • Please do not book a “Welcome Home Package” until you have read all of the information on this page, you have approval to travel to Qatar, and you know what type of quarantine you will be required to complete.
  • There is a daily limit on arrivals entering Qatar and demand is extremely high.
  • If you are searching for availability and no hotels are displayed, it is most likely that the daily arrivals limit has been reached. You will need to choose another date.
  • Discover Qatar are not involved with the Exceptional Entry Permit process and are unable to assist with any queries about your certificate.
  • Once a booking is confirmed, amendments to quarantine hotel packages cannot be made. Once you have made your booking it is non-refundable and the dates cannot be amended. Please therefore do not book your quarantine package until you are sure that the details are correct.
  • The only exception to this condition is if your airline cancels your flight, in which case you will be eligible to amend the dates of your booking once only. Any new quarantine package booked will be subject to availability and the daily arrival limit. Any differential on the package prices will be payable.

Return Entry Permit Applications Now Open for Qatar Residents Stuck Abroad