The Global Finance Index ranked Qatar as the highest among Arab Region and seventh globally in safety, in accordance with the Global Safety and Security Standards 2019, out of 128 countries observed by the index.

The index measures the State of Qatar in terms of investment security whose safety index factors in risks of natural disaster with crime, terrorism and war to present a more rounded analysis of the world’s safest countries. Qatar ranked seventh in the world rankings. The other countries that ranked above Qatar are Iceland (first), Switzerland (second), Finland (third), Portugal (fourth), Austria (fifth) and Norway (sixth).

Qatar’s lead in this index confirms its previous ratings in several indicators related to the measure of public and personal security and safety such as the World Peace Index, the Numbeo Global Database, the Police Index, and the Global Terrorism Index, which ranked Qatar in the top ranks in the Middle East and North Africa. (Read this previous post: Qatar Named Safest Country in the World

Global Finance Index

The global indicators – through which Qatar has developed advanced positions – have been adopted in their results and ratings to measure the state of security and peace in competing countries by measuring several factors. These include major crimes, extent of safety measures and community partnership, quality service to the public, and enhancement of security awareness in society.

These indicators reflect Qatar’s regional and global standing in various fields particularly on security, service and economy. This also reflects the continuing development and modernisation process that the country is witnessing, thanks to the efforts of the country’s wise leadership, especially in the field of developing security and service systems and achieving security and stability in the country.

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