With the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) is getting ready to implement several projects in Qatar such as Iftar project, Zakat al-Fitr, food vouchers, Mawada project, Eid clothing and other social programmes such as ‘this is my wish’ project which fulfills sick children’s wishes; with a budget of QR6,165,000 benefiting around 73,000 people.qrc-ramadan-qatar

Several departments taking part in Ramadan projects in QRC have started implementing some of them as the social development department and Al Khor Branch where they distributed food vouchers to the needy families and this project will benefit more than 300 families. In addition, food parcels that are distributed will benefit about 850 families where the parcels will include around 96 kilogram of rice, sugar, oil, milk. Zakar Al Fitr project will benefit around 1000 families with a budget of QR450,000. As for Eid Gift, it will benefit around 580 families/3,000 person with a budget of QR850,000. As for the Iftar project for the elderly it is estimated to benefit nearly 3,000 families and individuals. In addition, the Department of Social Development will organise Affection Mawada project for 90 guests in the nursing home and Rumaila and Iftar ceremony for 100 needy families with a budget of QR30,000. QRC will also provide a series of health awareness lectures and free medical services to the worshipers after Taraweeh prayers at 15 mosques.

The Iftar project will take place throughout the holy month near the headquarters of QRC at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park and it will benefit more than 1,000 fasting person per day. QRC was keen on choosing the best diet and best restaurants through public tenders to provide the fasting people with what they deserve.

qatar-red-crescent‘Merciful Among Themselves’ campaign was launched in a press conference late June, where Saleh Mohannadi, Secretary General of QRC, is looking forward to raising more than 45,000,000 million for relief, medical and social projects that will be implemented in 21 countries this year. QRC specialised QR3,464,500 million of the budget for Iftar projects that will be implemented in 14 countries and they are (Palestine/Jerusalem, Lebanon/Palestinian refugee camps, Yemen, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan, China, Sri Lanka, Niger, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan/Darfur, Chad, Comoros). In addition, QR1,204,500 were dedicated to providing 15,000 food parcels to displaced Syrian families.

Donations collectors of QRC will be present in different malls, mosques and other locations throughout Qatar. For other means of donations, please check out Marhaba’s blog post Qatar Red Crescent Launches Ramadan Campaign.