qrc-syriaQatar Red Crescent (QRC) completed ‘helping them start with educating them’ project for the academic year 2012-2013 with a budget of QR2,688,000. Through this project, 373 students, of whom 222 students were educated in the Syrian school, were sponsored.

Based on the fundamental principles such as neutrality, impartiality and humanity, the project was implemented due to an urgent need to help alleviate the pain those students are feeling being away from their home, their school and living in extreme circumstances. The idea of the project came from the need to provide education for the Syrian children of the refugee families who are in Qatar and the priority was for the group of those families that are of low income and have entered Qatar after the deterioration and outbreak of events in Syria.

The project budget of QR2,866,000 came as a gesture of support of HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar. Part of the budget was contributed by QRC (an amount of QR795,200). To ensure the success of this project, QRC was keen on the follow up and monitoring processes to make sure that the project is functioning properly.

The project began by the signature of an agreement with the Syrian school to make sure that the needs of the targeted students is met. The agreement was signed by Saleh Al Mohanadi, Secretary General of QRC. In addition, Adel Al Baker, communicated with the Jordanian School and handed over a check to support the registered students of enrolled Syrian students. The Department of Social Development, chaired by Manal Al Sulaiti, has supervised the follow-up of this project since its inception in order to achieve all the goals have been met.