Assembley Meeting FIA
Al Attiyah congratulates the Kuwaiti Media Coordinator Osama Al Mansour for the new position at FIA

For the first time, the General Assembly of FIA approved to choose Doha, Qatar to host the next assembly meeting in December 2014.

Consequently, we confirm that Qatar has achieved and still doing well in the field of motor sport, throughout a clear strategy managed and operated by the Qatari Union headed by Nasser Al Attiyah, Deputy of Head of FIA.’

Qatar won the event organisation against other candidates including Australia, Mexico and other European countries. This event is considered is important to Qatar, as it contains the annual final festival ceremonies of the sport season, the champions and winners of all classes either in rallies, carting, formula, mountains climbing, cross country and others will be honoured in this event.

During an interview with the Kuwaiti Media Coordinator, Osama Al Mansour, Deputy of Head of FIA, Nasser Al Attiyah, said:

The region of Middle East and North Africa is under our full coverage as an international union, throughout this position we try to validate and reinforce the motor sport to reach the targeted goal…we have already implemented some of our plans and strategies throughout co-operation with more than 20 unions and clubs, all these activities seek to pour in the general interest of the motor sport in the middle east region, especially in those countries which don’t enough  about this sport.’

Al Attiyah concluded his interview expressing his happiness and best wishes to Al Mansour for his appointment as the first Kuwaiti, Gulf and Arab media officer to be assigned officially in FIA at the position of Middle East Media coordinator. He said:

Osama is considered one of the distinguished Kuwaiti media staff in the field of motor sport media, as he has a good experience related to motor sport activities for more than 15 years, and still practices these media coverage and analysis, now he is considered a means of media profit due to his wide spread facilities, which would absolutely contribute directly to the success of the motor sport, here I confirm our full support to him and his career.’

According t oAl Attiyah, the next MENA meeting will be held in Kuwait as Kuwait has a prominent role in supporting the motor sport, throughout the efforts exerted by the country. He also stated that there are some decisions and recommendations related to the motor sport in the region are expected to come true soon, such as distributing the work tasks of MENA’s different countries. He said:

As we have coordinated together to fulfill a group of files in a common mission. In addition to that he also indicated that the region of the Middle East has been divided into three regional groups on a geographical basis division, the first is North Africa’s countries, the second is Sham countries and the third is Gulf countries, this division is planned to give the chance for each group to communicate better and faster.

Al Attiyah stated that there is a hard and remarkable work exerted to promote the concept of motor sport in the middle east region in co-operation with the unions and clubs of the region under the umbrella of FIA, a prominent example of this progress is the return of Oman to the package of the middle east championship for rallies after six months in the shade.

Also the participation of Iran as one of the organisers and sponsoring countries, these two countries will host the preliminary rounds in this season without counting their points, as they will be authorised officially from the next season 2015, (the number of rounds will be eight instead of six).