Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) hosted an award ceremony at its headquarters today, to award the hotels in Qatar for providing a quality Ramadan experience. 

With only three awards to give, QTA awarded only two hotels for their Ramadan activities. The Ritz-Carlton, Doha won two awards, which are ‘Best Ramadan Tent’ and ‘Best Ramadan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’. The St. Regis Doha received the ‘Best Ramadan Experience’ award.

This year, QTA has launched a yearly programme, which aims transform Ramadan in Qatar into a festive and memorable occasion attracting visitors and locals alike through branding, public engagement and social media activities. Ramadan in Qatar is aimed at generating a unified and consistent ambience for the holy month in Qatar. The brand will be used as a means of showcasing the Qatari Islamic and Arab culture and traditions that are heightened in significance during this month, giving visitors a true authentic experience.

Chief Tourism Development Officer at QTA, Hassan Al Ibrahim, said:

The events that take place in Qatar during the holy month of Ramadan constitute an integral part of the culture and traditions of this country. QTA worked to enrich the Ramadan experiences for both locals and foreign visitors…Figures showed that more than 136,000 people visited Qatar in Ramadan, and nearly 100,000 people visited Qatar during the Eid holiday, while the leading five and four star hotels and hotel apartments occupancy rates reached 90% during the peak days of Eid.’

To encourage the hospitality industry to boost their Ramadan activities this year and enhance the quality of their services, QTA awarded the hotels which provide the best quality experiences to their visitors. The criteria includes quality of service, decoration, quality of entertainment provided in the establishment and the overall adoption of the Ramadan concept. QTA hopes that this mechanism will encourage the hospitality sector, the main tourism industry stakeholder, to give visitors a real taste of the Ramadan spirit and to make Ramadan in Qatar an attractive occasion for residents as well as tourists, both regional and international.

Partnerships Project Manager at QTA, Ali Al Mohannadi, said:

As part of its commitment to develop the tourism sector in Qatar, QTA launched a Ramadan hotel competition to improve the services that hotels offer while maintaining the Arabic and Islamic identity and reflecting the special nature of Ramadan through the cuisine and entertainment programs offered at their Ramadan tents. Today, we are pleased to announce the winners of this competition, which has undoubtedly achieved all its objectives. We congratulate the winning hotels and greet all the participants in the competition.’

At the award ceremony, QTA released statistics on the number of visitors who have come to Qatar during Ramadan and Eid this year.

  • More than 136,000 visitors during Ramadan and nearly 100,000 visitors in Eid from GCC  countries
  • Occupancy rate of leading hotels and hotel apartments exceeds 90% during Eid days
  • GCC visitors make the largest number of visitors in Qatar

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Ramadan In Qatar Logo

[sws_pullquote_right] 68% Non-GCC and 38% GCC  [/sws_pullquote_right]

Non-GCC – 91,932

GCC  – 43,212

Total – 135,144

  • Bahrain – 5,591
  • Kuwait – 2,566
  • Oman – 5,210
  • Saudi Arabia – 25,142
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) – 4,703



Eid in Qatar LOGO

[sws_pullquote_right] 47% Non-GCC and 58% GCC  [/sws_pullquote_right]

Non-GCC – 41,514

GCC  – 58,081

Total – 99,595

  • Bahrain – 4,585
  • Kuwait – 4,883
  • Oman – 2,863
  • Saudi Arabia – 40,756
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE) – 4,994