Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), the government’s tourism planning and promotion arm, has launched a yearly event programme, which will transform Ramadan in Qatar into a festive and memorable occasion attracting visitors and locals alike through branding, public engagement and social media activities.

Executive Director of Marketing and Promotions at QTA, Rashed Al Qurese, said:

Ramadan is an integral part of this region’s culture and tradition. And, this year, we’ve decided to introduce this new unifying notion to capture the essence of Ramadan, which is built upon our values of generosity and community. We aim to provide an authentic experience and to communicate the warm ambience of this month to those in Qatar.’

‘Ramadan in Qatar’, QTA’s newly created brand for the programme, is aimed at generating a unified and consistent ambience for the holy month in Qatar. The brand will be used as a means of showcasing the Qatari Islamic and Arab culture and traditions that are heightened in significance during this month, giving visitors a true authentic experience.

To encourage the hospitality industry to boost their Ramadan activities this year and enhance the quality of their services, QTA is awarding the hotels which provide the best quality experiences to their visitors. Criteria will include quality of service, decoration, quality of entertainment provided in the establishment and the overall adoption of the Ramadan concept. QTA hopes that this mechanism will encourage the hospitality sector, the main tourism industry stakeholder, to give visitors a real taste of the Ramadan spirit and to make Ramadan in Qatar an attractive occasion for residents as well as tourists, both regional and international.

Speaking about the planned schedule of events in Qatar, Al Qurese added:

Spending your summer holidays in Qatar will be the ideal choice. Qatar is offering families and people of all ages a range of options for holiday entertainment during the month of Ramadan. We, as a tourism entity in Qatar, are promoting all the events that will be happening, and have a selection of major family-oriented events and activities going on during Ramadan, as highlighted through our Qatar events diary ‘’ Our events calendar will include all public activities that are organised by partners during the month of Ramadan.’

In addition to these efforts, QTA will be launching the hashtags #RamadanInQatar and رمضان_في_قطر# on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to encourage those in Qatar to share their enjoyable experience. The latest information on the holiday activities and events will be available throughout the month via QTA’s social media channels.