Qatar University (QU) Health Cluster recently held its First Annual Retreat that brought together around 80 members of faculty and staff to discuss the future structure and operations of the cluster following the reorganisation and restructuring process at QU. 

The QU Health Cluster, which comprises the colleges of Health Sciences (CHS), Medicine (CMED) and Pharmacy (CPH), and the Health Clinic, was launched in January 2017 to provide closer alignment between the three health colleges. The cluster will foster a service-oriented, inter-professional and interdisciplinary culture, provide administrative and operational support for the colleges, and deliver tangible benefits to both faculty and students. This in turn, will lead to strategic synergies as well as efficiency gains.

Areas of collaboration and consolidation at the QU Health Cluster level include research and graduate studies, clinical affairs, student affairs, continuous professional development, inter-professional education, outreach and engagement, and business operations.

The event includes the distribution of certificates of appreciation to members of the thematic groups for their contribution in the integration of member colleges. It also included presentations related to the different functions of QU Health Cluster and their operations, as well as a discussion forum that engaged cluster faculty and staff.

In his remarks, QU Vice President for Medical and Health Sciences and CMED Dean Dr Egon Toft said:

Through close integration of research, teaching activities and clinical care, innovative capacity and productivity of the cluster will flourish and will be more aligned with the future needs of Qatar. The collaborative operations will also include the key external stakeholders and partners which will result in further extending the scope and fields of collaborations.

CHS Dean and QU Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Director Dr Asmaa Al Thani meanwhile, added:

As a cluster, we will grow into a dynamic and diverse family of inspired and highly qualified individuals from a broad variety of backgrounds, united by a shared vision to build a successful holistic health entity right here at Qatar University.

CPH Dean Dr Mohamad Diab also said:

Joint forces and efforts in various areas will surely maximise our impact on medical and health education and research, thereby serving our vision to become a catalyst for the development of health care in Qatar and be the institution of choice for students and scholars.

CHS Professor and Chair of the QU Health Cluster Establishment Taskforce Dr Mohamed Ahmedna thanked all the members of the different thematic groups for their contribution in developing strategic concepts for the organisational integration of member colleges.

QU Health Clinic Section Head Dr Hafsa Hashad in conclusion, said:

The Health Clinic is proud to be a member of the QU Health Cluster. We are looking forward to collaborating with the other colleges and strongly believe that with our combined facilities, skills and efforts, we can greatly benefit the QU community, broaden health awareness, and promote healthy lifestyles throughout our community.

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