The State National Day Celebration Organising Committee in Qatar has launched new features to the portal to celebrate the country’s National Day for this year, offering top-notch features that engage citizens and residents in the celebrations.

This interactive platform reaches all users allowing them to interact with one another through social media network with web accessibility for citizens with disabilities or special needs as well as the elderly. Country Manager at OTVentures, Hossam Khalifa, said:

Qatar National Day is one of the most important events in Qatar and commemorates HH Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani, may God rest his soul. LINK Development has been working with Qatar National Day for four years now and has been utilising the latest technologies in enhancing and offering the best features to all citizens and residents. We would like to convey our sincere congratulations and good wishes to the leadership, people and residents of Qatar on Qatar National Day.’

Designed and developed by LINK Development, a leading provider of integrated software solutions across the Middle-East and a subsidiary of OTVentures, a pioneering digital and technology solutions provider for both online and mobile platforms, the portal is as modern and vibrant as the modern state of Qatar, but similarly bonded to its heritage and culture. LINK Development is a leading technology solution provider that was founded in 1996, and is a subsidiary of  OTVentures, a pioneering digital and technology solutions provider for both online and mobile platforms.

The portal has been updated with accessibility options and mobile app features. The Web accessibility gives the residents with disabilities and the elderly the opportunity to surf the web. More specifically, users can visualise, understand, navigate, and interact with the Web as well as communicate through the different channels.

The Qatar National Day portal features the latest information and news about National Day as it has been designed to provide Qatar’s nationals and visitors alike with a full view of the events as well as engagement and interaction across social media. In addition, the portal offers social network integration features in addition to content sharing. The website is also fully integrated with YouTube and Flickr enabling visitors to fetch the updated real time photos and videos through the Qatar National Day YouTube and Flickr channels.

With the rise of smartphone usage, a dedicated mobile apps section on the website allows visitors to download National Qatar Day ringtones, backgrounds and themes and mobile apps on their phones and smart devices. Users can also choose to download any of the four mobile apps: Qatar news app, multimedia app, Qatar Events app, Augmented Reality app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows phone 8.

The portal is equipped with friendly usage options and compatibility on most of phone types, platforms and models. The mobile apps are currently supported on IPhones, Windows Mobiles, and Android phones. The portal is in two languages, English and Arabic, with a plan to add five more languages in the near future.