As a measure to stop the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Qatar imposed a temporary ban for travellers from 15 countries on 8 March. Further travel restrictions were announced in the following days. The good news is that visas can be extended and renewed using the Ministry of Interior Qatar’s online platforms. 

Visitor Visa

Visitors to Qatar can arrive in four different types of visas – on arrival, business, tourist, family.

For those arrived in Qatar using the visa on arrival option, their visas will be extended automatically and for free until 22 April 2020. Ministry has announced that this might be extended depending on the situation.

For those arrived in Qatar with business or tourist visa, a request has to be made for extension by the concerned official (travel agency or sponsor in this case). Copy of passport, company CR and letter of request are mandatory for this.

Family visit visa can be renewed via Metrash 2 app by paying an extension fee of QAR200 per month. Visit this link for visa extension.

Resident Visa

The expatriates who were unable to enter Qatar over COVID-19 situation will be allowed to enter once the ban is lifted even if their Qatar IDs have expired or if they have stayed more than 6 months out of Qatar. Resident permits under family category can be renewed by individuals using the Metrash2 app, whereas for company sponsored QIDs need to be done via corporate accounts.