Twenty Qatar based Youtubers came together to create a COVID-19 awareness video – ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’. The concept is initiated by Qatar Malayali Yotubers (QMY) – a platform for creators to share and discuss Youtube related ideas.

The video highlights various aspects of COVID-19 preventive measures including eLearning, usage of gloves and masks, regular use of hand sanitizers, avoiding group shopping trips, use of hand wash, working from home and finally highlighting the importance of staying at home.

The prime highlight of the video is that everything from conceptualisation to final editing is done virtually.

Jeffin Kakkassery, one of the creators behind the video, said:

None of the Youtubers met in person to exchange ideas or to shoot the videos. Videos were shot from various locations in Qatar and in India, send to the production team via file sharing websites.’

The final video was premiered on 19 April via Qatar Malayali Youtubers Facebook page.

Officially formed in 2018, QMY now has over 75 active Youtubers. This vibrant group conducts regular meet-ups. Group members stay in touch via Whatsapp and the official Facebook group. Interested Youtubers can join QMY by sending a message to the official Facebook page.