For the first time ever, Aspire Zone is gearing up for Qatar’s Strongest Man; the ultimate clash of the titans that will take place this weekend.

The competition is the ultimate benchmark in strength athletics where contestants will be pitted against each other in a series of gruelling exercises designed to push their physical and mental strength to the limit in order to be crowned Qatar’s Strongest Man. Eight powerhouses will compete in five challenges throughout including the Truck Pull, the Deadlift, the Weight Lift, the Giant Tire Flip and the Sand Bags Lift. The activities are set to kick off this Friday at 2 pm.

The eight contestants competing in Qatar’s Strongest Man are Ali Issa Al Bin Ali and Abdullah Al Bin Ali from Qatar, Ali Riyad from Syria, Asanka Saman Dissanayake from Sri Lanka, Mohammed Awad from Sudan, Sherif Mohammad Gamal from Egypt, Joseph Iroo Ekadeli from Kenya, and Fadel Ismail from Lebanon.

Ali Riyad is a 33-year-old champion weightlifter and bodybuilder and has competed in a number of competitions in his home country of Syria. He said:

Size does not matter; the muscles and the training programme are what matter most. The trick is to train your muscles to be able to sustain the weights…As a seasoned competitor, I have always wondered why there were never any strength-based competitions in Qatar. So thank you Aspire Logistics for bringing this fantastic opportunity to Qatar for the first time. I really hope to see more of these events in the future.’

Qatar Strongest Man competitiors (3)

29-year-old Ali Issa Al bin Ali and 26-year-old Abdullah Al bin Ali are two local Qatari brothers who train together. Older brother Ali bin Ali said:

We are looking to challenge ourselves…It really does not matter who wins Qatar’s Strongest Man, it is the participating that counts. I am really proud to have Aspire Zone in my hometown; I love to exercise and keep fit so I always try to take part in their events.’

The three contestants with the highest number of aggregate points over the five different challenges will be declared the winners and will each receive a trophy as well as a cash prize. The remaining participants will be awarded with a range of complimentary gifts.

Registration was open to all residents aged 18 years and over. Eight participants were then shortlisted following a set of comprehensive strength tests that took place at Aspire Zone. In addition, the competitors have undergone medical examinations to ensure they are fit to take part in Friday’s competition.

Aspire Logistics, a member-organization of Aspire Zone Foundation, is always looking for new and unique events that allows the community to challenge themselves and Qatar’s Strongest Man is its latest offering. Past events include Khalifa International Stadium Run Around, the Aquathon and Doha Jam.

For more information, visit Aspire Zone’s website.