Qatar Business Events Corporation (QBEC), the executive arm of Qatar National Tourism Council (QNTC), has recently convened its first board meeting to initiate the first step to ‘activate’ itself. QNTC, which was established in 2018 as part of a new governance structure, seeks to unify and consolidate efforts to develop the country’s tourism sector.

QBEC is focusing on activating the Next Chapter of the National Tourism Sector Strategy and on business events, a key sub-sector attracting thousands of visitors to Qatar every year. Qatar hosted 131 conferences and exhibitions in 2018 alone. QBEC will organise, manage, operate and supervise events and venues Qatar, in addition to participating in regional and international exhibitions and conferences, following its mandate to position Qatar as a leading business events destination.

The board members appointed by QNTC include Chairman of the Board Sheikh Faisal bin Thani Al Thani, Deputy Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the Corporation Hassan Al Ibrahim, Rashed Al Qurese, Abdullah Abdulrahman Fakhroo and Yousuf Al Jaida as Board Members.

According to the newly-appointed QBEC Chairman, Sheikh Faisal bin Thani Al Thani, the business events sub-sector, as with much of tourism, is heavily reliant on the private sector to succeed.

QBEC will act as link between QNTC as a governing, planning and regulation body on the one hand and the private sector on the other hand, helping us to unify the vision, efforts and resources needed to cultivate a thriving business events sector.’

Al Thani welcomed the Board of Directors to the new and exciting venture, expressing his thanks for their time and experience to establish and initiate the operation of QBEC.

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