Qatar Career Development Center (QCDC) has wrapped up the first edition of its ‘Career Academy’ programme. The initiative attracted almost 60 high school students, who participated in multiple activities designed to provide insight into potential career tracks. QCDC is a member of Qatar Foundation (QF). 

QCDC Director Abdulla Al Mansoori expressed pride in the programme and congratulated the students for taking a step towards exploring career paths following their aspirations and will consequently serve the nation’s development objectives.

We should be aware that our actions have an impact on our nation, particularly when it comes to bringing together the competencies of our youth and the country’s prosperity and growth drivers. In this context, QCDC’s activities are designed to help students pursue career paths that are in line with their personal aspirations and in the interests of our nation.’

The programme, which took place over the course of two weeks, included field trips to private and public institutions in Qatar across various sectors. Field trips featured a Medical Day, sponsored by Sidra Medicine, also a member of QF; an Agricultural Day, sponsored by another QF member Qur’anic Botanic Garden; an Engineering Day, sponsored by the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar; and an Airline Industry Day sponsored by Qatar Airways.

The field trips offered participants the opportunity to connect with professionals in various industries and to learn what to expect from each profession.

Introduction to Universities in Qatar

The Career Academy programme also introduced students to universities in Qatar, including Qatar University, Stenden University of Applied Sciences – Qatar, and QF partner universities. Representatives of these universities attended the final day of the programme to provide students with an overview of their academic programmes and admission requirements, and to help them make informed academic choices and prepare for university life.

Mohammed Al Tamimi, one of the participating students, embarked on several field visits to identify the best professional track to pursue. He said he was always interested in specialising in the medical field and found the visit to Sidra Medicine very helpful.

Another participating student, Maryam Almohammed said the programme highlighted the importance of early planning, noting that  ‘deciding early on her undergraduate and university studies will fast track her journey towards achieving her dreams.’

Throughout the programme, participants engaged in a variety of recreational and educational activities. Students also attended a series of handicraft workshops to equip them with personal and life skills, as well as improve their self-confidence. The programme also included tips on developing communication, public speaking and teamwork skills.

Students who successfully completed the programme were awarded participation certificates on the final day.

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