Professional Chefs and kitchen artists compete recently in the Carving Competition hosted by Qatar Culinary Professionals at the recently concluded Qatar International Food Festival held at the Sheraton Hotel Park last 6 – 7 April.

Ice Carving Winners:
GOLD – Chef Rodel Noja (The Torch Doha)
SILVER – Chef Benjie Lanas (Aspire Katara Hospitality/Sukar Pasha)
BRONZE – Chef Michael Boongaling (La Cigale Hotel)

Fruit / Vegetable Carving Winners:
GOLD – Chef Teshan Sakila VBM (The Diplomatic Club)
SILVER – Chef Philip Estrabo (La Cigale Hotel)
BRONZE – Chef Michael Boongaling (La Cigale Hotel)

Winners received medals, certificate and gifts from QCP Corporate partners and sponsors which include the Qatar Tourism Authority, Chef Middle East, SADIA, Deliopolis, Friendly Food Qatar and Royal Hospitality.