Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) organised its first ‘Al Tahadi Diabetes Girls Camp’ for young females in Qatar who are living with Type 1 Diabetes. QDA is a member of Qatar Foundation (QF).

The camp was held at Education City, with 22 girl participants, 12 to 15 years old. The camp is the latest in a variety of QF-supported initiatives designed to address immediate social needs in the community by raising awareness of management and prevention of diabetes.

The three-day camp included a number of educational, sports, religious and leisure activities, with a team of experts, dietitians, and educators from QDA on hand to enhance the participants’ skills in self-care and diabetes management.

QDA Executive Director Dr Abdullah Al Hamaq said the aim for the Al Tahadi Diabetes Girls Camp is to empower young people affected by diabetes, help them control the disease through educational and moral support.

We want them to understand the importance of their role in society and encourage them to engage with others, as well as to develop their personalities. The programmes of the camp combine sports and fun, along with education and support for teenagers with diabetes, as well as provide them with tools they need to live happy, healthy, balanced lives.’

He said that they have been organising the Al Tahadi Camp for Boys annually, but this is the first edition for girls, since their previous girls camps were only for those who use the insulin pump.

We plan to have the girls camp every year as well, because all adolescents with diabetes need special attention as they go through an important developmental stage in their life. The camp is intended to offer them the support they need to keep diabetes under control and enjoy their teenage years.’

Dr Al Hamaq thanked the parents of participants for recognising the importance of educating children about diabetes, and the benefits of leading healthy and productive lives.

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