Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development announced on 8 June 2013 the winners of its Ramadan Instagram competition, an initiative aimed at capturing the spirit and values of Islam in everyday life through themed photo collages.


The winners, Fikria El Kaouakibi and Hayfa Abdulrahman Ahmed each received a speaking encyclopaedia of Quranic sciences and a book about Prophet Mohammed.

Tariq Al Sada, Corporate & PR Manager at Qatar Foundation said:

Our Islamic religion directs us to follow the most virtuous path for the well-being of our body, mind, and soul. We discover the wisdom of our Almighty Creator in all our practices as Muslims, such as praying and fasting in Ramadan. Qatar Foundation’s objective during this holy month was to enhance spirituality through a host of initiatives, which included a religious lecture, Quran recital lessons, and a photo competition on Instagram…We would like to congratulate all of the competition winners and hope that we have succeeded in spreading the many benevolent Islamic values and virtues across our community.

The competition was just one of several events hosted by QF to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with the Qatari community and foster religious understanding. QF organised weekly Quran recitation sessions for young girls and boys between the ages of 7 to 14.

During the lessons, students were encouraged to practice Tajweed, which is an Arabic word that means ‘to improve’ and refers to both the knowledge and successful application of the rules governing pronunciation while reciting the Quran.

Sheikh Dr Al Jubair, a qualified cardiologist, is well-known for drawing on his understanding of health and faith issues in all of his lectures. Eight key points were mentioned during the thought-provoking lecture and audience participation was encouraged.