Hundreds of families attended ‘The Beacon of Knowledge and Light’ festival, which was held at Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Education City Mosque over the weekend. The two-day festival provided an opportunity for community members of all ages and from all backgrounds to learn and discover fascinating elements about Islam and Islamic history.  

Mohamed Al Ghurbani, Head of Islamic Affairs, Community Development Department, Qatar Foundation, said:

‘The Beacon of Knowledge and Light’ event aims to introduce all community members, regardless of their backgrounds, languages or cultures, to the Education City Mosque. It also aims to strengthen friendships, develop public knowledge, and emphasise that the EC Mosque welcomes all residents of Qatar.’

‘This event highlights Qatar Foundation’s efforts to foster social engagement by providing a diversified educational environment with the objective of building stronger and more active communities. The event has proven hugely popular owing to a sincere desire by Qatar’s residents to visit the EC Mosque, which is one of the country’s most striking architectural works.’

Dr Omar Abdelkafy gave the Khutba at the event, and held a Q&A session before the activities commenced. The programme, which was delivered in both Arabic and English, included storytelling sessions, puppet shows, a live calligraphy station, movies under the stars, Qur’anic Botanic Garden (QBG) discovery activities, a kids’ corner, astrology workshops, and stories of the Prophets (MPBUT).

Gamal Al Haidari, who attended the festival, said:

This is a wonderful initiative, as it helps develop the community’s knowledge of Islamic history and ancient civilisation. We hope that the officials of the Education City Mosque will be inspired to continue organising engaging events designed for all community members to explore their culture and heritage.’

The Education City Mosque, which is open to the public, has the capacity to host nearly 3,000 people in total and holds a lecture every Friday, with translation services available for non-Arabic speaking members of the community in English, Urdu, and sign language.

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