Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development plans to air its revamped radio station for the first time today Sunday 17 February. Boasting a diverse programming slate, QF Radio will now broadcast a range of English and Arabic shows through two dedicated channels.

QFRadio2Qatar Foundation has also recently unveiled a state-of-the-art media centre to advance.

The facility is equipped with the latest technologies and even rivals some of the most advanced radio stations globally. Its sophisticated studios, for example, offer online portals and phone applications for listeners to view live video streaming of their favourite programmes and talk shows.


QF Radio is also training its staff members and radio broadcasters to ensure they understand how to operate the centre’s new equipment. This will arm them with a broad set of skills in radio broadcasting and ensure full capacity of the studio is utilised.

Shows on innovation, technology, sport and current events will be amongst some of the new airings showcased tomorrow. All of these programmes are produced in-house, making each broadcast unique and tailored for different audiences. By continually improving the station’s material, the team is creating radio content meaningful to the community.

The Head of QF Radio, Nasser Al Naimi, explains:

A key focus for the design of the media centre is to ensure the equipment is user-friendly. We believe this new approach will widen our audience base in Qatar, in addition to our audiences in 81 other countries’

During this year’s Qatar National Day celebrations, QF Radio broadcast live for a continuous 15 hours. Additionally, during the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Doha earlier this winter, it hosted a diverse suite of programmes. The series successfully attracted a new wave of listeners from all corners of the globe who were in town for the two-week event.

Through the ‘Find Your Frequency’ advertising campaign, the station’s new shows promise to attract more listeners. Qatar Foundation Radio will broadcast its programmes in Arabic on 93.7 FM and English on 91.7 FM, in addition to the station’s website and phone applications. Listeners can also visit the station’s Facebook page: / qfradio or Twitter @ QFRADIO.