Qatar Football Association (QFA) is planning to use vanishing spray in the 2014/2015 season, becoming the first Arab and Asian football association to use the popular tool.

Vanishing spray was a big hit during the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014. Both UEFA and the English Premier League decided to adopt the new tool in their competitions. Vanishing spray is a substance applied to an athletic field in order to provide a temporary visual marker. It’s used by the referee to mark the spot a free-kick is taken and the minimum required distance for the defensive wall. Its use in association football is not regulated by the Laws of the Game, authorisation being in the hands of the governing body of a match, league, or tournament.

QFA is the governing body of football in Qatar. It’s is currently providing the necessary training to referees, in their training camp in Belgium. The latest step is part of the association’s attempt to stay with the latest trends in football refereeing.

Used mainly at the highest levels of competition, vanishing spray helps prevent unnecessary delays by preventing the defensive team from crossing the mandated 10 yards (9.1 m) from the ball during a free kick. It also prevents the attacking team from illegally moving the ball from the spot where the referee awarded the kick.