As part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness about sustainability best practice among businesses and residents, Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) has invited companies and individuals across the nation to participate in its annual “No Paper Day Qatar” campaign on 7 April.

Aimed at encouraging local businesses and the wider community to adopt eco-friendly initiatives geared at reducing paper waste nationwide, the campaign highlights how reducing the use of Qatar’s vital resources can not only improve business efficiency, but also help preserve the environment’s long-term health.

As part of the campaign, QGBC is encouraging those taking part to reuse and recycle paper. Commenting on the objectives and effectiveness of the campaign, Engineer Meshal Al Shamari, QGBC Director said:

The “No Paper Day Qatar” campaign was launched three years back in response to a state of increasing paper consumption in the country. With approximately five million sheets of paper consumed daily in Qatar, this campaign serves as a crucial endeavour to reflect on and assess how companies, institutions, and schools can operate more sustainably.’

More than 50 organisations from across various sectors of Qatar’s economy have so far registered to take part in the campaign. These businesses come from the construction, hospitality, oil and gas, education, sustainability, facility management, catering, consulting, and communications industries.

Eng Al Shamari added:

Businesses and individuals in Qatar have a collective responsibility to work towards creating a lasting balance between the developmental needs and the conservation of the country’s natural resources and environment. We are delighted to have received a considerable number of registrations for this year’s campaign.’

As part of the campaign, QGBC will share tips with the public on how to save paper in their daily lives, whether at home, in the office or at school, through Facebook and Twitter. QGBC also encourages the public to go online and take part in the campaign using the hashtag #NPDQatar.

QGBC is a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF). Supporting QF’s mission to create a progressive and sustainable community in Qatar, this campaign provides the nation with an opportunity to reassert its commitment to building a greener future, as outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030’s strategic objectives.

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