‘Grow Your Green Food’ (GYGF) team members recently joined this year’s Qatar National Environment Day on 26 February 2024. ‘Grow Your Green Food’ is a Green Initiative of the Qatar Chapter of Government Engineering College Thrissur Alumni (QGET).

To promote the ‘Grow Your Green Food’ initiative, the team organised two major events.

Organic Communal Garden at MES Indian School Doha Visit

The first event was harvesting the vegetables from the organic communal farm at the MES Indian School Doha.

The Principal of MES Indian School, Doha, Dr. Hameeda Kadar, visited ‘Grow Your Green Food’s’ communal garden along with the Vice Principal Mohammed Ilias, Head of the Girls’ School Supriya Chaudary, and students from Campus Care Force Team with their teachers.

The ‘Grow Your Green Food’ initiative General Convenor Dias Thottan presided over the event, assisted by Deputy Convenors Akhil CK, Priya Johnson, and Jazira Najib.

‘Grow Your Green Food’ patrons Ashraf Cherakkal and Anvar Sadath, QGET President, gave congratulatory speeches stressing the importance of organic and communal farming in modern times. QGET also presented a memento to the Principal of MES Indian School, Doha as a token of appreciation for the support.

‘GYGF’ also gave away gifts to the MES Indian School, Doha Facility Manager Ghafar and the six supporting staff members in appreciation of their support and hard work. The prizes were awarded by Akhil CK, Priya Johnson, Jazira Najeeb, Sajeev VK, Nishab, Pingle Dias, Robin and Juan (GYGF Young Farmer Award Winner).

The Principal of MES Indian School, Doha, Dr. Hameeda Kadar, gave a final speech in appreciation of the ‘Grow Your Green Food’ initiative’s mission and offered a better support for ‘GYGF’ next season. Dr. Kadar also harvested some vegetables alongside the students. It was a happy and joyful scene, to watch the students enjoying nature in the garden.

The event ended with photo sessions of ‘Grow Your Green Food’ Team with the school officials and students.

AgriteQ 2024 Visit

The second event was ‘Grow Your Green Food’ Team’s visit to AgriteQ 2024. ‘Grow Your Green Food’ organised a visit to AgriteQ-2024 for their team members to help them learn about new technologies and inventions in the field of agriculture and farming.

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