Your body is pretty good at letting you know it needs a massage. Listen to it! But you know what massage works best for you and your body. And if you don’t, the spa or masseuse will help you navigate through all the different types of massages available and identify which works best for you.

Whether it’s a Swedish, Thai, Indian, Balinese, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone or Deep Tissue Massage, QI Spa at the five-star Golden Tulip Doha hotel has it all. Located on the 14th floor, QI Spa is equipped with massage, and facial and body care rooms as well as a gym, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna room. The rooftop swimming pool is on the 15th floor.

QI Spa is a simple, intimate homely spa, perfect for those in the Corniche area who want a quick fix of self-care after long working hours – or even during! The spa’s services are gender-inclusive offering a ‘Gentlemen’s Treatment’ and even a cleaning-only manicure and pedicure for men, and of course women. The face and body treatment area houses four separate rooms, two of which can hold two beds – for couples, sisters or a lovely mother and daughter date.

The pampering began with an Aromatherapy Massage in a small cosy room with absolute silence with the exception of the relaxing spa music. During the session, Yuni, the masseuse from Bali, Indonesia, took me back to that beautiful part of the world. With the use of essential oils applied with long sweeping strokes, I almost fell asleep as I felt each knotted muscle untangle, releasing tension from every part of my body. I arrived with a stiffened, aching back then left feeling malleable.

The pampering continued with a Clarifying and Refining Facial, which began with a face wash then scrub. Yuni then used a facial steamer to open the pores on my face and applied the pore vacuum to remove any white or blackheads. Soon after, Yuni applied an anti-wrinkle face mask for 10 minutes. Once the face mask was washed off, Yuni applied a collagen cell booster on my face, which activates only after a levelled-out face massage.

As they say, save the best for last — getting scrubbed from head to toe with a Satin Shimmer Body Scrub, which is an exclusive Golden Tulip body scrub derived from sea salt and natural sugars to moisturise and radiate your skin. I was given a choice of either sugar and papaya scrub for rejuvenation or sugar and chocolate scrub for radiance. I opted for the sugar and chocolate scrub, which not only gave me a glow but also removed all the dead skin and left my skin smooth and soft.

QI Spa is not the only facility on the 14th floor of Golden Tulip Doha; The KeepFit Health Club houses a gym, pool, steam, Jacuzzi, sauna and a juice bar. A personal trainer, as well as a swimming coach, is at your service.

The gym has one of the most sensational views of the Doha skyline, overlooking the vast blue waters of the bay, guaranteed to keep you inspired to continue your workout in the vast, multi-equipped fitness centre. You won’t count the hours. Matter of fact, you’ll lose track of time. Most importantly, the gym is a great spot for a gym selfie or you might as well go for a photoshoot! Facilities include a main workout area, weight and cardio machines, free weights and machines for group exercise and more. Group classes include Steps, ABS, Yoga and fat burner accelerator.

The KeepFit Health Club offers the most flexible and affordable membership with monthly, quarterly and other special rates for individuals, couples, groups, students, corporate and more. The rooftop pool area on the 15th floor can be booked for private events.

For more information or to book your self-care getaway, call 4419 8888/ 8808/8868 or email [email protected]

Author: Ola Diab

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