Qatar Information Technology Conference and Exhibition (QITCOM) is the biggest ICT event in Qatar organised by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

It aims to showcase the latest innovation in smart technologies and allow for exchanges of ‘next generation’ knowledge. This year’s theme is ‘Safe, Smart Cities’.

Shop in Turkey, Online

Qatar Post QITCOM 2019The Qatar Postal Services Company (Qatar Post) announced the re-launch of its e-commerce website, allowing residents of Qatar the chance to browse through Turkish Bazaars and Souqs, online. The website was unveiled recently during QITCOM 2019, at Qatar National Convention Centre.

The virtual marketplace features over 300,000 products ranging from household items to popular Turkish Delights, nuts, bespoke jewellery and office supplies. With demand for Turkish products continuing to rise in Qatar, the website comes at an opportune time with high quality products from Turkey available for order anytime. Qatar Post is also offering customers free shipping on all orders above QAR250.

The new e-commerce venture, which is owned by Qatar Post, also offers a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and small enterprises in Qatar to showcase their products to the Turkish market, as well as through other channels under Qatar Post.

Aspire Zone: The Smart Sports City 

The story of Aspire Zone and how it has become as a ‘smart sports city’ was also highlighted during QITCOM 2109 as it presents a good example of urban transformation.

According to AZF CEO Mohammed Khalifa Al Suwaidi, he was excited to join the panel for the special session on ‘THINKING BIG: Large-Scale Urban Development and Mega Events’ as he saw in it an opportunity to exchange ideas on a subject  closely related to Doha in general and to Aspire Zone, specifically.

When I received the invitation to join in this panel, I was so excited as I find the story of Aspire Zone a typical live example of how mega events act as catalysts for urban development.’

Aspire Zone QITCOM 2019

It all started with a ‘smart’ vision. Qatar’s leadership was truly visionary when it decided to establish an all-inclusive sports city, seeing in sports an indispensable pillar for the nation’s development and advancement.

AZF remains a key player in the country’s preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, another ‘paragon’ for the role of mega events in urban development, on a larger scale.

QITCOM 2019 is ongoing at the QNCC until today, 1 November. To learn more about the event, visit their website at

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