Photo Competition

To celebrate The Art of Travel: Bartholomäus Schachman (1559-1614) exhibition at ALRIWAQ DOHA exhibition space, QMA, the Orientalist Museum, and Qatar Airways have partnered to launch a photo contest on Instagram for the public.

By sharing their travel experiences online, contestants can follow in the footsteps of Bartholomäus Schachman, a 16th century adventurer who commissioned an album documenting his travels throughout Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. This album, which consists of 105 full-page watercolor and pencil drawings, forms the basis of The Art of Travel exhibition.  These watercolour miniatures painted during his travels take visitors on a journey through 16th century Danzig and Istanbul, highlighting the people, places, and customs he encountered.

On view till 11 February 2013, The Art of Travel exhibition introduces visitors to the story of Bartholomäus Schachman – a Polish mayor who travelled throughout the Ottoman Empire during its peak. A greatly expanded and reimagined version of the original Polish exhibition takes visitors on an epic journey back in time.

To enter ‘The Art of Travel’ Instagram contest, contestants should:

1. Post their best travel photos on Instagram, add the #ArtOfTravel hashtag, and caption the image.

2. Every day QMA will repost the five best images to the (Qatar_Museums_Authority) Instagram account and invite the public to ‘like’ their favourites.

3. The most popular photo at the end of the month-long contest will win 2 round-trip economy tickets to any of Qatar Airways 120 worldwide destinations.

4. The contest is open to international audience and will run from 10 December  2012 to 10 January 2013.

5. For full terms and conditions, click here.