Abdulrahman bin Abdullatif Al Mannai, the president of the Qatar Motor & Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) and Lusail International Circuit (LIC), has been elected as Trustee of the Board of the FIA Foundation.

This appointment not only recognises Al Mannai’s contributions to the motorsport industry in Qatar and beyond but also reflects Qatar’s continuous growing presence in the world of motorsports.

As Trustee of the FIA Foundation, Al Mannai will play a vital role in guiding the foundation’s efforts to enhance safety for FIA races, such as the Formula 1 and World Endurance Championship, through research and innovation. Through the foundation’s efforts, the races have seen drastic improvements in safety measures, including the implementation of advanced crash barriers, the introduction of the halo device to protect drivers’ heads, and continuous advancements in car and track design to minimise the risk of accidents.

These efforts have significantly reduced the number and severity of injuries, contributing to a safer environment for drivers, teams, and spectators alike during races such as the Formula 1, World Endurance Championship and others. Moreover, the foundation also plays an important role in driving initiatives for road safety and supporting environmental sustainability.

Under Al Mannai’s leadership, the QMMF and LIC have achieved significant milestones, including hosting high-profile international motorsport events such as Formula 1, and World Endurance Championship. His vision and dedication have elevated Qatar’s status as a global motorsport hub and have set a benchmark for excellence in the region.

The election of Al Mannai to the FIA Foundation Board of Trustees underscores the recognition of his expertise and leadership within the international motorsport community. His appointment aligns with the foundation’s mission to champion initiatives that improve lives through safer and more sustainable mobility solutions.

Established in 2001, The FIA Foundation, an independent charity established by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), works to advance safe, clean, and fair mobility for all through research and the implementation of its findings for drivers competing at an international level and for road safety of the general population.

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