Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) will organise the Sealine Cross Country Rally 2015 from 18 to 24 April 2015.

As part of the Sealine Cross Country Rally 2015, the third round of the Desert Challenge Cross Country 2015 and second round  of the Auto Bike Cross Country (in five stages for both cars and bikes) will kick off on 20 April 2015 at Losail International Circuit.

The race will be after doing the administrative and technical check up procedure and the press conference. The total length of Sealine race for this year will be K.M 1926.76 while the total length of the speed race will be K.M 1782.01 (i.e 90% of the race will be competitive, in addition to the K.M 144.75 link stage, the rally will be completed in 24 April evening near Sealine.

According to FIM Deputy President, FIA vice president and president of QMMF, Nasser Al Attiyah, Sealine rally of this year will be different due to the availability of all logistic issues in Qatar, which would be in the benefit of the motor sport in general and MENA region in particular, moreover, the large number of the participating teams comparing to the numbers of the last years.

Al Attiyah added that there will be a change in the track/path of the rally stages according to the international standards of the sport, this diversion would also be one of the secrets of sealine rally success, year after year. Al Attiyah confirmed that the teamwork managed to find hard and challenging ways, which will absolutely result in more excitement and competition.

Deputy Clerk of Course of Qatar Sealine Cross-country Rally and FIA member, Marwan Al Ketbi, said:

There is a hard work exerted by all, long time ago, in order to be ready for this rally, which is considered a new challenge for us, as we are dealing with open and vast geographical areas, so we need special and well trained human skills capable of dealing with any hard circumstances, we trust God that we will do it successfully, in order to have a new achievement to be added for Qatar and Arab.’

He also expressed his pleasure to see this team work spirit between the organizers which would show a successful rally. He said:

I am happy also for the presence of Pedro Almeida, clerk of the course , among the team work as he is one of the experienced characters in organizing such type of sport events, we are expecting more and more from him.

Pedro Almeida said:

Before conclusion, I would like to thank Mr. Nasser Al Attiyah and the whole teamwork for their hard work and dedication.

Portuguese Pedro will occupy the position of the clerk of the course once more, the Qatari Marwan Al Ketbi will be the deputy clerk of the course, Santosh will be in charge of the road maps and Iain Black will occupy the position of the rally manager to supervise the class of the bikes.