Nasser bin Khalifa Al Attiyah Head of QMMF and FIM vice president

President of Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), Nasser Al Attiyah, is the first candidate to occupy the position of FIM Vice President for the second time.

Al Attiyah got 68 votes out of 103 votes, the Polish Andrzej Witkowski came in second position with 62 votes and the French Jacques Bolle third with 49 votes. There was a re-vote for the french Bolle as he didn’t obtain the minimum votes, 51.

For Al Attiyah, winning this elections was not his main battle as the main battle was to give full  support to Vito Ippolito the current FIM President and Al Attiyah managed to attract a great electoral mass to help positively in achieving the victory of Ippolito, who got 62 votes against 41 votes for Jorge Viegas. Al Attiyah said:

First of all I grant this achievement to his highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani who always offers his unlimited support to these international events , in the name of Qatar, we take this opportunity to promise him more achievements. Also I would like to congratulate my dear friend Mr. Vito Ippolito who really deserves this position. I will always stand beside him and beside all the members,¡ in order to promote this sport. Regarding my winning, I can’t describe my feelings in words. I would like also to say that, I am not the only person who achieved this success but all those who stand beside me, they deserve all thanks and gratitude. I promise that I will do my best to meet your trust and confidence, and will be always at the service of this sport regardless of any other considerations, as we are here in the Federation live together as a family.’

It is believed that other candidates running for different positions have raised a campaign against Al Attiyah. He said:

Qatar is above these rumors raised by some European media headed by Sunday Times recently which was also personally against me as they sent some reports in order to gain for election purposes  which where considered by the meeting members null…we have the wisdom represented in the political leadership as it realises well how to deal with such cases. No doubt that the name of Qatar was and will stay a red line and those who knotted the rope have to solve it by themselves and those who contributed in releasing these rumors have to be responsible for this sin. We hope that the coming days will be released who is behind this plot.’

FIM will issue an official apology and statement to reply the rumors signed by those who contributed to the rumors. As all the members of the meeting agreed that such issue would affect the reputation of FIM which has not encountered such issue for more than 100 years.

However, about being vice president, Al Attiyah said:

I have the honour to represent the Arab [region] for the next four years especially after I have gained much experience during the last four years…the Arab presence is an important thing in the process of decision making but unfortunately the current Arab crash led by some Arab countries hinders the motor sport. However, I am still ready to cooperate with them if they show their good intentions in order to raise the name of Asian continent.’

Al Attiyah stated that the most prominent features for the next four years will be the teamwork spirit and good communication. He said:

No doubt that we will try hardly to boost the motorsport internationally all over Asia countries, as I belong to this continent which became one of the advanced continents in this sport. This progress is the result of the sincere efforts of the all clubs and federations who seek to host local and international championships, and the fruitful work plan with the European Union to exchange the experiences, as Europe has a good history in this sport, the same also for the Latin countries.’

The city of Jerez in Spain witnesses these days the elections of FIM executive elections in which Al Attiyah competed for the second time for the position of FIM Vice President. Besides these elections, there was also the FIM General Assembly where the budget of the federation was discussed as well as a number of investment projects. The agenda of the meeting also included the launch of new championships in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America under the promotion that motor sport is living nowadays.

FIM Group QMMF Nasser Al Attiyah
(Left to right) Tunku Datuk, Chairman of Automobile Association of Malaysia; Wan Zaharuddin, FIM Asia President; Vito Ippolito, FIM President; QMMF President and FIM Vice President, Nasser Al Attiyah; Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President.

FIM President, Vito Ippolito – ‘Qatar has the leadership in motorsport’

Current FIM President and the candidate for another period, Ippolito, said:

I feel a deep comfort-ability as I belong to this international organisation that is full of hard work ‘No doubt that the repeat of the idea to compete for this position again came throughout the experience I have gained from different friendships with my friends all over the world and also the hard work that the federations have implemented in the previous four years. Now, I am confident that everyone shares me this feeling, specially we all work as a teamwork under one idea and one target which is the promotion of motorsport all over the world. I wish every one will be satisfied when I leave my position. Only the history will remind us of your achievements’.

Ippolito stated that Asiam continent and specifically Gulf area has a good scenario to the future of  motorsport and there is a strong desire to organise many international championships. He said:

Qatar represented by QMMF became now an international indicator for the promotion of the game and success of any international event and with the presence of Nasser Al Attiyah care towards this sport, we follow closely this progress. I completely realise that his experience will be open to all without exception in order to activate the motor sport in the gulf area and Asia continent.’

FIM Europe President, Wolfgang Srb –  ‘Qatar is a good model to be followed’

Srb commented on the nature of his participation in the meetings of the executive office that it is one of the most important international events concerned with motor sport. He stated that if you want to see the future you have to follow all these sport events that are organised in Asia as Asia is living nowadays its best days. Srb said:

We all know that Asia has all facilities that led it to the highest positions among the continents of the world because of the cooperation of all. No doubt that many countries try to follow Asia path and the unique performance of Nasser Al Attiyah, QMMF President, we all wish a great success for all.

FIM Asia President, Wan Zaharuddin – ‘Nasser Al Attiyah is a leader if the first class’

Zaharuddin stated:

We can divide the Asia continent into two divisions only geographical division as Qatar and Bahrain are considered active countries in the field of motor sport, specially Qatar. We all know the events that Qatar organises, consequently we will realise the volume of promotion that the Middle Easy enjoys and led by Qatar. We find also many countries such as Indonesia and Philippines to have a good spirt to do the same. We can see that Asia is becoming now  one of the most important continents.’

About the presence of Al Attiyah, he said:

He is a leader of the first class and managed to control the sport towards a better future. We as Asian Federation are proud of his achievements and we will support him by all means.’

Chairman of Automobile Association of Malaysia, Tunku Datuk – ’Nasser Al Attiyah is a true supporter for the motorsport’

Datuk stated:

Asia has a big geographical areas but distance between countries will be far as we all work in a team work moreover the good communication between us. There is a true support and a prominent role always shown by Nasser Al Attiyah…the comparision between FIA and FIM  is not fair as FIA has more races than FIM but we will try to add more events which would serve a larger number.