Qatar National Library has announced the winners of the second annual ‘Beautiful Athan Contest’, held in May during the holy month of Ramadan.

The contest for the most beautiful Athan (Islamic call to prayer), was open to all community members, and received an overwhelming response of over 134 entries. Recordings submitted by contestants were judged on the basis of correct Arabic pronunciation and vocal harmony.

The contest highlighted the importance of Athan in Islam – the delivery of the call in a soothing, pleasing tone is regarded as important in drawing Muslims to mosques for prayer.

The three winners are Ahmad Abdul Rahman Al Emadi, programme producer at Al Jazeera (first place); Moaz Mohamed Al Louh, administrative manager (second place); and Ahmad Abdul Sattar, high school student (third place).

Al Emadi said he entered the competition after a friend encouraged him to participate. He said it was an enjoyable and easy experience for him, adding that the competition criteria made the contest accessible to everyone.

High school student Ahmad Abdul Sattar, said that his experience in the competition has been wonderful. He said that it enhanced his relationship with his religious mentor and gave him the opportunity to call Athan in the local mosque for morning and noon prayers.

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