Qatar National Library celebrates International Literacy Day through a series of events in September. Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra resumes concerts series at the Library

With the summer holidays coming to an end, Qatar National Library (QNL) invites members of the community to participate in a full schedule of events during September promoting learning, creativity, and sense of community.

On the occasion of International Literacy Day on 8 September, parents and teachers are encouraged to join an interactive lecture entitled, ‘Our Children and Books’, to learn about early childhood development and children’s natural attraction to books. In addition to offering reading tips, the lecture will offer participants advice on how to evaluate books and pick the right ones for their children and students.

Also on 8 September, an interactive lecture, ‘Outrageous Headlines and Suspect Sources: The Importance of Media Literacy’, will highlight ways to identify so-called ‘fake news’ and the impact of misinformation on society.

In collaboration with Wifaq (Family Consulting Center), the Library will host ‘How to Manage Your Household Budget’, a workshop that will provide families with tips on how to efficiently manage their household finances. The event will take place on 9 September in the Library’s auditorium and will be conducted in Arabic.

The Library invites all lovers of classical music to join a screening of ‘The Art of Chopin’ by Gérald Caillat, on 11 September. The documentary highlights the 200th birthday of famed Polish pianist Frederic Chopin, and the screening will conclude with a recorded performance of Chopin’s 1st piano concerto.

On 12 September, Dr Sarah Savant will deliver a lecture entitled ‘Studying the Prophet’s Biography in the Digital Age: How Digital Technology Can Help’. She will shed light on how emerging technologies can help scholars collect and study the life and traditions — or Sira of the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

Patrice Landry, Chief Librarian and Deputy Director, QNL, said:

These events provide an excellent opportunity for everyone in the community to learn and become engaged, which is a prime goal of our library. The list of events has something for everyone who plans to take some time after work hours and explore their creative side, learn a new topic, and get tips on improving their lifestyle. The increasing number of participants taking part in our events month-on-month embodies the overwhelming interest members of the community take in learning and acquiring new knowledge.’

On 15 September, the THIMUN Qatar executive team will host an interactive workshop, ‘United Nations Sustainable Development Goals’, that will explore the impact of human activities on the environment. It will also highlight the role of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in improving environmental sustainability. 

Individuals with hearing challenges and their families are invited to a demonstration of the Library’s assistive technology devices on 16 September. This month’s session of the Book Club for the Blind will take place on September 17 and will discuss the life story of Hellen Keller, the renowned author and educator who was afflicted at the age of 19 months with an illness that left her with permanent seeing and hearing disabilities but later achieved greatness in various fields.

Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra at QNL

Philharmonic at the Library’ in collaboration with Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra will resume on September 20. The session will offer a variety of musical pieces themed around ‘Sounds of the Sea’ with CineMoon Ensemble.

In celebration of World Translation Day on 29 September, Samer Karroum, a translator at Al Jazeera Media Network, will deliver an Arabic lecture on the principles of translation. Additionally, on 30 September, the Library will host a public panel on translation as a science, led by Karroum and Moafaq Tawfiq, also of Al Jazeera Media Network.

Members of the community looking to sharpen their debating skills are invited to attend a two-part debating workshop in collaboration with Qatar Debate. The first part will take place on September 19 and interested participants are requested to register in advance.

Check out Marhaba Events Calendar for a full list of September events at QNL.