Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), a member of Qatar Foundation Research and Development (QF R&D), was elected as a full member of the Belmont Forum last week in Oslo, Norway, and has also been selected to host the next Annual Meeting of the organisation, which will be held in Qatar next year. 

The Belmont Forum, a group of high-level representatives from global funding agencies, is the main international joint-funding initiative on research into the impact and mitigation of global environmental climate change. The Forum brings together entities from the USA, the EU, Japan, China, Brazil, South Africa, and India, to design and fund research programmes for implementation at a global level.

Dr Abdul Sattar Al-Taie, QNRF Executive Director said:

QNRF is the first agency from the Middle East and North Africa region to join the consortium and is extremely proud to be part of the Belmont Forum. Qatar now join 19 other nations to address the global challenge of climate change, a topic particularly relevant to the country and the Gulf region, as environmental sustainability remains high on the agenda of Qatar National Research Strategy.’

QNRF has already participated in this year’s call for proposals on the development of better regional modelling of the climate and its impact and, in particular, to helping prevent extreme weather events, such as dust storms.

QNRF continues to support Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development on its mission to help promote and develop Qatar as a hub of research excellence, and as a member of the Belmont Forum, will link Qatar’s research community to top international research projects.

Visit QNRF official website for more information.