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Qatar National Sport Day 2019 Celebrations

Qatar National Sports Day_cover image

Join Qatar as the country celebrates National Sport Day 2019, a public holiday commemorated every second Tuesday of February, and which falls this year on 12 February. The day is dedicated for sports and fun activities to promote the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Different events are taking place across Doha in celebration of Qatar National Sport Day (NSD). For a guide around the different Sports Day celebration in Qatar, check Marhaba’s Guide to ‘Qatar National Sports Day 2019’.

Aspire Zone Foundation

Aspire Zone Foundation offers a range of fun sports activities to celebrate this year’s National Sport Day.

Fun Run / 6:30 am to 9 am
The Fun Run has been the hallmark of NSD since its first edition. The Fun Run features a 2.5-kilometre course around Khalifa International Stadium and is a popular activity for families with children and mobility-challenged participants.

Outdoor Public Events / 8 am to 3 pm
Includes Thai Boxing, Taekwondo and Boxing classes; high/low-intensity training sessions and fitness classes for children and adults; Moroccan Sports Corner; Russian Martial Arts – Sambo (please see details below); Team building activities and fitness shows; and Japanese Kendo demonstration.

The Sambo Show

Held for the first time in Qatar to celebrate Qatar National Sport Day  2019 and hosted by the International Sambo Federation, this hallmark event showcases Russian martial arts and self-defence techniques featuring special guests. The Sambo show comes as part of a series of projects held under the Year of Culture Qatar-Russia 2018, and organised in partnership with Rosneft Oil Company.

Sambo sched

Outdoor Public Events in Aspire Dome / 10:30 am to 1 pm
Includes multi-skill development programme and aerobic classes, with sessions exclusive for ladies only, and for the general public.

Doha Festival City

Doha Festival City 2

Qatar’s largest and preferred shopping, family, dining and entertainment destination, Doha Festival City will host a variety of sports activities during Qatar National Sport Day – Tuesday, 12 February 2019.

Festival City’s retailers planning series of sports activities inside their stores. Eataly will offer a live healthy cooking show from 11 am–1 pm, while Technogym will provide free health evaluations, recommendations and training classes throughout the mall operating hours of the day. Cole Haan will offer training activities at the mall’s entertainment area and a selection of restaurants will offer a specialised diet menu.

Outdoor Leisure Trail The activities will include the Outdoor Leisure Trail that runs around the mall for walking, jogging, running or biking and will be open for mall visitors to practice mall for biking for Children.

8 am–10 pm, Outdoor Leisure Trail

Obstacles Course for Children The mall will also have activities across the mall with in-door exercises ranging from obstacle courses for kids to aerobics and training sessions for adults. Kids of all ages can come and test their skills! Several barriers and challenges through barriers designed to test the physical and mental ability for children.

10 am–8 pm, Centre court, Ground Floor

Premium Virtual Reality Sports Games Kids Club members enjoy exclusive premium VR Sports games at the Center Court on the first floor. This area will include virtual reality games such as table tennis and a sports corner. Where participants in this event will be able to get a better view and help them improve their own style.

10 am–8 pm, Centre court, First Floor

Education City Golf Club

ECGC Sports Day

For those that already play, or for those that want to learn, we have something for everyone this National Sports Day at Education City Golf Club. Golf Tournaments and Golf lessons will be available on Tuesday 12th February.   

The day will consist of

  • Introductory Golf Lessons for non-golfers
  • 18 Hole Golf Tournament on the Championship Course
  • 6 Hole Golf Tournament on the Championship Course
  • TrackMan Range (2 for the price of 1)

If you are interested in taking part, you can register through their website.

GBCQ Football Tournament 2019 

GBCQ Sports Day 2019

The 6th annual football tournament organised by the German Business Council Qatar (GBCQ) for German and local companies. The event will be held at Al Sadd Sports Club (greenfield pitch opposite Caribou) and matches start from 10 am. There will be activities for kids and everybody is welcome to join and cheer for the teams.

Katara Cultural Village

Katara Sports Day 1

Visit their website for a complete guide to the Katara National Sports Day programme.

Mirqab Mall

Mirqab Mall Sports Day

Mirqab Mall is hosting three days of action-packed activities for the entire family to mark Qatar’s National Sports Day on 12 February, with everything – from exciting sport challenges, healthy meals to fun entertainment.

The three-day celebration will kick off at 4 pm on 12 February, with an exciting Football Challenge, where football fans can test their football skills and compete for prizes.  Next up is a Zumba Workout on the Mezzanine Floor, guaranteed to get everyone moving. The Family Obstacle Course, the Soft Play Area and the Paddle Fun Bikes at the mall’s Atrium is sure to entertain young guests. Finally, join Radio Olive and Suno (more details on a separate entry below) from 6 pm to 9 pm for an interactive walk around the mall that features special surprises along the way.

Qatar Foundation

Qatar Foundation sports day

Qatar Foundation (QF) will celebrate National Sport Day 2019 with an array of activities at Education City designed to bring together the wider community in an atmosphere of energy, enjoyment, and interaction.

Taking place at four locations – Oxygen Park, the Ceremonial Court, the Ceremonial Green Spine, and Multaqa (Education City Student Center) – and supported by local and international partners, QF’s National Sport Day events and activities will offer something for individuals and families of all ages and interests, with the aim of encouraging people to embrace sport and adopt healthy, active lifestyles.

Activities will run from 9 am to 6 pm and will feature the Qatar Cyclists Tour, beginning at 10 am from the Ceremonial Court and covering a route of approximately 20 kilometres to the Museum of Islamic Art and back to QF. There will also be a QF Race, a test of speed, agility, stamina, and determination across an obstacle course of more than 2 kilometres in Oxygen Park, with 17 challenges to overcome. Members of the public can register either as individuals or as part of a three-person team through this link:

At Education City’s Ceremonial Green Spine, the team from the Dogpound – one of New York City’s most high-profile gyms – will be hosting fitness sessions with professional trainers, and Qatar-based gym F45 will run high-intensity interval training sessions, two of which will be for ladies only.

Visitors can also watch or join football activities organised by the Paris Saint-Germain Football Academy, and children will be able to enjoy the QF Mini Track, a smaller-scale obstacle course tailored for younger participants; games and activities organised by Qatar Diabetes Association and the Library of Wonders, where stories of sport and fitness with a tinge of adventure will be told.

The Ceremonial Court will play host to a series of wellness sessions offered by Vishnu Yoga – which will also have dedicated yoga sessions for ladies at Multaqa – and spinning classes organised by Qatar Cyclists and RideTribe, as well as a combination of boxing and fitness training provided by Beatbox. For those looking for a snack, a range of healthy food options will also be available from various vendors.

At Multaqa, ladies-only fitness activities will include full workout sessions, Zumba classes, and circuit training, while for those who want a change of pace and to exercise their minds, the Qatar Chess Association Tournament will be taking place. Multaqa will also host Paralympic activities and the basketball and volleyball finals of the QF Shukran Cup, a competition that will also see cricket and football finals being played at Education City.

For more information about these activities, visit

QDBA Dragonboat Race and Community Paddle

QDBA Feb12 Poster

Join the Qatar Dragon Boat Association (QDBA) as they race and paddle on 12 February, 8 am at the Katara Beach to celebrate the National Sport Day. Participate in the ‘community paddle’ which will commence after the race. Anyone will be welcome to load the boat, try paddling as a sport, and have a fun time.

QF Workers Tournament, Education City

QF Workers Tournament

As the build-up to Qatar National Sport Day continues, workers at Qatar Foundation (QF) have been displaying their sporting skills on the football pitch, the cricket field, and the basketball and volleyball courts. The QF Workers Tournaments saw an array of sporting activities across Education City, part of an ongoing nine-week competition schedule. The finals of the tournaments – organised by QF’s Health, Safety, Security, and Environment Directorate, and supported by the QF Community Engagement team – will be held at Education City on Qatar National Sport Day.

Radio Olive, Radio Suno and Mirqab Mall

Mirqab Mall

Radio Olive, Radio Suno and Mirqab Mall brings you a Musical Mall Walk on 12 February in celebration of the annual Qatar National Sport Day! Get fit while having fun! The event is free and open to everyone. Register through this link.

Tawar MallTawar Mall Sports Day 2019

Activities will start from 10 am–5 pm

  1. Competition Family Activities
    • Relay Race
    • Sack Race
    • Egg and Spoon Race
    • Foosball
  2. Entertainment
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Inflatable Mini Football
  3. Photo Banner (3×2)
  4. Free Express Massage from Diva Lounge Spa
  5. Free Eye testing from Al Jaber Opticians

The Pearl-Qatar

nsd2019 TPQ

Come to The Pearl-Qatar and celebrate the National Sport Day with fun and sports activities, from 8 am to 4 pm. Shuttle buses will operate between Porto Arabia and Costa Malaz. Click here for more details.

University of Aberdeen

University of Aberdeen

Join AFG College with the University of Aberdeen to celebrate Qatar National Sport Day. 12 February 12, 10 am to 1 pm at Al Jassasiya street – Al Waab Area. To participate, please register here.

Hotel Restaurants Promotions

Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara

ACTIVITIES SCHEDULE on 12 February 2019, 9 am–5 pm

BEACH FOOTBALL The matches will be played on knock out basis. The referee decision is the final. 15 minutes each match. Teams will be done according to the number of participants and will be named (e.g. Qatar, Milan, Real Madrid, and The Blues).

9 am–noon, Beach Area

Beach Volleyball_banana island

BEACH VOLLEYBALL Team event of 6 players! The matches will be played on knock out basis. The referee decision is the final. Winner will be the team who wins 15 points. The final will be the best of 3 sets.

9 am–Noon, Beach Area

YOGA Each class will fit 8 people and the classes will last 20 minutes. Our Yoga Instructor will teach people how to brief and stretch and how important the same is for day to day life.

9 am–Noon, Beach Area

CIRCUIT TRAINING Circuit training involves moving from one exercise station (machine) to the next in progressive sequence, with minimal or no rest in between, until you have completed all the stations in the workout. Circuit training is highly effective in increasing aerobic fitness, bone density, muscle strength and toning and guarantees safe weight loss in a short time relative to a standard regular gym workout.

9 am–Noon, Beach Area

TIMED CIRCUIT Where 10 people can attend at any time given and will last for 15 minutes. This type of circuit involves working to a set time period for both rest and exercise intervals. For example, a typical timed circuit might involve 30 seconds of exercise and 30 seconds of rest in between each exercise.

TENNIS We’re going to work on essential tennis drills for beginner’s adults and kids. Each drill will build upon the next in a natural progression helping introduce you to a variety of concepts while providing detailed instructions.

9 am–Noon, Tennis Court

Tennis Court_banana island

BIKE RACE  Noon–1 pm, Watersports Area

  • Riders will roll out for a start at a casual pace, then compete for the fastest times on the banana island from Island Cruiser to the Spa and return
  • There will be 8 bikes available on a first come, first serve basis
  • 2 x semifinals x 8 participants – first 4 bikers of each semifinal will go into the final where they will compete for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

ADULTS & KIDS FUN ACTIVITIES 1 pm–3 pm, Beach Area

OLD CLOTHES RELAY Divide players into two equal teams. For each team have a suitcase or box containing a large shirt, shorts, boots and a hat. In turn, each player must put on the old clothes and run to a certain point where they take off the old clothes off and put them back in a box, then run back to start where the next player repeats the process until one team finishes and wins.

BALOON RELAY Divide the people into 2 or more equal teams and stand them in a line. Give each team ten balloons in a basket. The first in each line takes a balloon and runs to the other side of the room/yard/area and sits or stomps on the balloon to pop it.  After popping the balloon they run back to the line and tag the next person who does the same thing. The game goes on until one team has popped all of their balloons.

TUG OF WAR In a multi-way tug-of-war, it is mostly tactics that win, with some strength. Participants should prepare appropriately e.g. remove watches and arm jewellery. Divide into groups and make sure the groups appear to be of similar strength. Maximum 10 players in the team!

SACK RACE RELAY Have the group divide into pairs/groups. Each pair/group will need a sack or pillowcase. Determine a starting line and a turn back line.  Each team must figure out the best method to keep the sack or pillowcase on and move quickly. The object is to run as a team to the turn back line and back first. It may help to tie the sacks etc. around people’s legs or you may make the untied sack or whatever part of the game.

FREE GAMES & ACTIVITIES 9 am–5 pm, Beach Area

  • Badminton
  • Giant Chess & Foosball
  • Bouncing castle
  • Table Tennis & Mini Golf
  1. Open to hotel resort guests, HBW guests and team members!
  2. The activities will be coordinated and supervised by recreation and wellness team
  3. Drink plenty of water before, during and after activities to avoid dehydration.
  4. Exercise advice: before participating in any of the above activities please ensure that you are wearing suitable footwear and clothing.
  5. All items/equipment will be provided by the recreation & wellness departments.
  6. Please register any of the above activities at the respective activities counter located along the Beach areas.

For more details, call +974 4040 5050 or email

Crowne Plaza

Marhaba National Sports Day Crowne Plaza

Stay happy and healthy! Get to enjoy awesome deals as you celebrate the Qatar National Sports Day.

From 11–13 February, enjoy free gym access. On 12 February, treat yourself with a healthy brunch and take yourself on a free gym class from noon–3 pm.

Get to enjoy the following discounts:

  • Up to 50% discount on your Gym Membership
  • Get 25% off in all The Spa treatments
  • Enjoy room rates with breakfast at QAR 425 for Single room, and QAR 510 for Double room

For more information, contact 4408 7621.

DoubleTree by Hilton Doha – Old Town

SPORTS DAY 2019 DoubleTreeCelebrate Sports day at DoubleTree by Hilton Doha.

  • Free gym access all day long.
  • 50% discount on spa services
  • 50% discount on gym membership, for only the 12 February 2019. Singles membership will be QAR 2250 instead QAR 4500 and for couples QAR 3000 instead of QAR 5999.

For more information call Aqua Lounge Spa at 4034 3441.

Fraser Suites Doha

Sports Day Fraser Suites Doha

Healthy Business Lunch on 12 February 2019

Noon–4 pm at The Dining Room

*Kids 6 to 12 years 50% discount
*Kids 6 & below can dine FREE

For reservations, call 3303 3239 | 5574 6939 or email

Big Meet Up 2.0

Fraser Suites BoscoRSVP 4424 3538

Fraser Suites West Bay Doha

gym fraser suites

  1. Free access to hotel gym on 11–13 February for non-residents
  2. 50% off on gym membership fees all month long
  3. Healthy buffet breakfast at The Social from 6:30 am–10:30 am for QAR 80 per person on 11–13 February
  4. Free yoga and meditation class for non-residents on the helipad from 4 pm–5 pm on 12 February
  5. Special sports uniform to be worn by staff members on 11–13 February
  6. Special sports day stay package with a healthy buffet breakfast at QAR 350 (single occupancy) and QAR 400 (double occupancy) on 11–13 February
  7. Lucky draw for guests staying in the hotel between 11 and 13 February with the prize being a special sports kit worth QAR 400

For details on any of the above, call +974 4495 5041/42/43 or email us on

Golden Tulip Doha

Golden Tulip NSD

50% off on 3, 6 and 12 months membership fee

3 days entrance to the gym on 11–13 February 2019
For more details, call 4419 8888

Grand Hyatt Doha Hotel & Villas

  • 35% discount on all 12-month memberships starting from Qatar Sports Day on the 12th Feb until the 16th Your membership gives full access to the Jaula Health Club facilities, indoor wet facilities and beach and pool access
  • Free classes and sporting activities on 12 February. Prior booking required

Qatar Sports Day Schedule_Grand Hyatt - Copy

For bookings and enquiries, call 4448 1056

Holiday Inn

Marhaba National Sports Day Holiday Inn

Stay happy and healthy! Get to enjoy awesome deals as you celebrate the Qatar National Sports Day.

From 11–13  February, enjoy free gym access and get the following:

  • Up to 50% discount on your Gym Membership
  • Get 25% off in all The Spa treatments
  • Enjoy room rates with breakfast at QAR 350 for Single Room, and QAR 425 for Double Room

For more information, call 4408 7621.

InterContinental Doha The City

Intercon doha the city

It’s time to achieve your fitness goals!

Enjoy special offers at the Health & Fitness Club on the 46th floor of InterContinental Doha The City this Qatar National Sports Day.

  • 50% off on six months and one-year memberships in February 2019
  • 50% off on the signature Sports Massage from the 11–13 February 2019
  • 50% off on Personal Training (Single Sessions) from the 11–13 February 2019

Call 4015 8888 to know about their membership packages and classes.

Iris Doha at Sharq Village & Spa

Iris DohaSports activities start at 10:30 am.

SPORTS DAY PACKAGES: QAR 350 inclusive of food, selected beverages & sports activities and QAR 250 inclusive of food, soft drinks & sports activities.

Kids are welcome to enjoy a special area, filled with sports tournaments and lots of entertainment.

For more information, call 7479 4444⠀

La Cigale Hotel

Gym Offer 30% on single regular membership at Ozone Gym & Spa

Buffer Brunch QAR 199 per person on 12 February

Premium Room Offer QAR inclusive of buffet breakfast and QAR 825 inclusive of buffet breakfast and buffet lunch or dinner valid on 11–13 February 2019

For more information, call +974 4428 8888 

Marriott Marquis City Center Doha

Marriott Marquis Sport Day

  • Pool access
  • Zumba in the pool starting 10 am
  • QAR 100 credit for food
  • All for QAR 250 only.
  • Juice and healthy drinks will be served

For more information, call 4419 5000

Millennium Plaza Doha

Millennium Plaza

Join the Circle Restaurant at Millennium Plaza Doha for a  healthy buffet lunch.

When: 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm

Price: QAR99

For more details, call 4041 6999

Radisson Blu Hotel, Doha

Sign up for Cabana Club membership on 12 February and get up to 50% discount valid throughout February 2019.

Cabana radisson

Healthy Buffet Lunch at Hyde Park 12 February for QAR 99 per person

For more details, call 4428 1428

Saraya Corniche

Saraya sport dayQAR 380 for two persons includes hotel accommodation, healthy breakfast and healthy meal.
QAR 200 30-minute massage per person
For more details and bookings, call 4497 3777


SportsDay Sealine Beach

  • 15% off best available rates in all room types (healthy breakfast included)
  • 20% off in Inara Spa (all treatments)
  • 50% off hotel membership promotions
  • Free access to the gym and sports facilities
  • Healthy corner for the lunch buffet (12–14 February 2019)
  • Special sports day activities (12 February 2019)
  • 20% off on Food and Beverage in selected outlets and discount includes in-room dining services

SBR Sports Day 2019 - ActivitiesSBR Sports Day 2019 - Activities

For reservations and more details, call 4476 5200


12–14 February 2019

  • FREE Fitness Consultation
  • FREE Group Classes
  • 50% off on Pool Day Passes
  • 50% off on Personal Training Sessions 50% off on Health Club Memberships

Call 4429 5118 or email

Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel

Fitness Brunch at La Veranda Fitness meets food at La Veranda on Qatar National Sport Day! Immerse in a guilt-free indulgence with our buffet spread filled with the goodness of power drinks, energy food and healthy options. Come in your activewear and enjoy fitness-centred activities.

12 February, 12:30 pm–4 pm

QAR 295 per person including soft beverages
50% discount for children under 12 years and kids below 6 dine for free

Sport Day Celebration at LaLiga Lounge Big paella station, unlimited tapas, two healthy drinks

QAR 150 per person
50% discount for children under 12 years and kids below 6 dine for free

For reservations and more details, call 4485 3000

Sheraton Fitness Free admission for everyone on 12 February 2019

Dedicate a day full of health at Sheraton Fitness with a fun-filled fitness day and exclusive promotional discounts as we celebrate Qatar National Sport Day.

Meditation Yoga 7 am–8 am
Boot Camp 8 am–9 am
Spinning with Katharine 9 am–10 am
Spinning with Tarek 10 am–11 am
Ladies Yoga 10 am–11 am
Mixed Yoga 4 pm–5 pm
Les Mills Body Pump 6 pm–7 pm
Zumba 7 pm–8:30 pm
Rowing Challenge–All Day
Table Tennis–All Day
Beach Volleyball–All Day
Kids Activities–All Day

For more details, call 4485 4600

Souq Waqif Boutique Hotels


Is celebrating the National Sports Day by holding a series of activities for the local community to emphasize the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. Special group activities will be held on 12 February 2019 in front of the Al Jasra Boutique Hotel and will be followed in Al Bidda Boutique Hotel from 7 am–noon.

Call 4433 6666 or email

In celebration of Qatar National Sports Day, The Ritz-Carlton, Doha will offer fun family fitness circuits on 12 February 2019. There will be age-appropriate modifications to the circuits so that guests of all ages can participate and create unique memories. The activities in the circuit will focus on agility, coordination, balance, strength, cardio and much more. This event will be complimentary to the entire Qatar community. There will be healthy refreshments offered for the duration of the fitness circuits that will include delicious smoothies, rich in vitamins and perfect to boost natural energy levels, allowing our ladies and gentleman to maintain their stamina during the training. There will be other treats as well, from superfood mini salads, detox water station and house-made granola bars.

The family circuits will run from 10 am–4 pm in The Ritz-Carlton, Doha’s tennis courts. The Lagoon Restaurant will also feature an exquisite healthy buffet lunch to commemorate the national holiday where Master Chefs will be using their talents to treat guests to a delicious variety of light, nutritious and vitamin-packed foods. There will be a ‘Go Green’ corner offering vegan & vegetarian culinary options using ingredients such as; kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, arugula, broccoli and avocado.

Qatar National Sports Day Healthy buffet lunch will be available at QAR 195 for adults and QAR 100 for children from 5–12 years old and children from 4 years old and under are complimentary. The buffet lunch will run from 12:30 pm–3:30 pm on 12 February 2019.

As an added treat, all Spa and Recreation memberships will be discounted generously on this day only.

For more information, call 4484 8000 or visit

The St. Regis Doha

Gather the whole family and invite your friends for an exciting day at the St. Regis Doha. Celebrate Qatar Sports Day with us and join in our fun games and sports activities such as Beach Boot Camp, Beach Zumba, Aqua Aerobics, Beach games and a lot more.

12–14 February 2019

For enquiries and reservations, call 4446 0304 or 974 4446 0306.

The Westin Doha Hotel & Spa


Healthy Food Corner at Seasonal Tastes On the occasion of Qatar National Sports Day, the lunch buffet at Seasonal Tastes will offer guests a variety of healthy and light food selections to savour! Enjoy a wide range of international dishes along with the Sports Day Specials for QAR 140 per person only!

HEAVENLY SPA SPORTS DAY ACTIVITIES On the occasion of Qatar National Sports Day, register for 6-months or 1-year Membership at Heavenly Spa and get a second Membership complimentary!

WestinWORKOUT Massage Sports Day Special Enjoy a 50-minutes WestinWORKOUT Massage and get 50% discount! QAR 300 only during Qatar National Sports Day!

WestinWORKOUT Sports Day Challenge Move well and stay active! Exceed your limits with a sequence of activities at Heavenly Spa at QAR 75 per person!

  • Unlimited access to the Swimming Pool
  • 9am – 45 minutes of HITT – Liubov
  • 45am – 30 minutes Stretching – Zandre
  • 15am – Superfoods Breakfast
  • 12pm – AguaGym – 30 minutes – Oxana

* Book your spot in advance as limited seats are available. 

WestinWORKOUT Sports Day Kids Programme Let your kids celebrate the Qatar National Sports Day with activities full of fun! For QAR 75 at Waves Pool

  • Unlimited access to the Swimming Pool
  • 30pm – Fitness Pary – 30 minutes Liubov
  • 1pm – AquaGym for Kids – 30 minutes – Oxana
  • 30pm – Kids Healthy Snacks
  • 3pm – 1 hour – Splash Water Games

* Book your spot in advance as limited seats are available. Book your limited spot in advance

Sports Day POOL ACCESS Enjoy the Sports Day by The Westin Pool only at QAR 75!

For bookings or more information, call 4492 1682 or email

Important Note: Rates subject to change. Please check with the hotel before you confirm your reservation.

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