Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) announce the launch of Ramadan 1435 A.H. campaign under the slogan ‘Your Donation Is Their Lifeline’.

The campaign involves plans to implement 57 relief, medical, developmental, and social projects at a total budget of QR63,475,175 in 16 countries, including Qatar, Palestine, Lebanon (Palestinian refugee camps), Syria (domestically and at refugee camps), Somalia, Sudan (Darfur), Mauritania, Yemen, Niger, Central African Republic, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

The announcement was made at a press conference, which was attended by Saad Shahin Al Kaabi, Director of Resource Mobilization and Investment Department, Sheikh Muwafi Azab, QRC Sharia Adviser and Islamic preacher at the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Al Khulaifi, Head of Resource Mobilization, Hamad Al Fayyad, Advisor to the Secretary-General, and a slew of reporters.

Al-Kaabi gave an overview of the projects to be carried out over the year from the revenue of the campaign. He said:

We at QRC are sure that our generous Qatar society is eager for benevolence and likes to help the vulnerable and the needy everywhere, seeking only the reward and forgiveness from God. As always, they will donate more than expected for our humanitarian and charitable endeavors.’

After that, Sheikh Azab explained the merits of charity in Ramadan and how it reflects positively in many ways, rewarding both the giver and the recipient. Citing many Quran and Prophetic texts that urge charity and benevolence, the revered Sheikh called upon everyone living in Qatar to contribute to QRC’s efforts in favor of the poor and the distressed around the world.

Mr. Al-Khulaifi introduced the media to the marketing strategies of the campaign, through projects guide and fliers; TV, radio, and newspaper advertisements; street billboards; and SMS and email messages. He also presented the different means utilized to facilitate donation.

Finally, Mr. Al-Fayyad highlighted the significant role of the media in backing the campaign by giving wider publicity to its projects and donation channels, thus attracting more donors and supporting its goals.