A case treated under QRC Patient Support Fund 1
A case treated under QRC Patient Support Fund

Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) continues to serve the Qatari society through its Patient Support Fund, one of its major permanent health empowerment projects locally, which provides financial and in-kind assistance for poor patients to cover some or all of the costs of their treatment according to certain criteria, in coordination with State health authorities and Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC).

Director, QRC Social Development Department, Manal Al Sulaiti, said:

We aspire to make the Patient Support Fund an umbrella of social welfare through which to help most poor segments of society that cannot afford the costs of treatment, to keep it a bright source of hope for hundreds of help seekers, to play a positive role in improving social and health conditions in Qatar, and to keep serving our beloved nation.’

The project pays for surgical operations, medication, medical equipment, and travel tickets (if needed) for severe cases that cannot afford treatment or healthcare, promoting social solidarity and strengthening the bonds among rich and poor society members, in light of the Islamic teachings and QRC mission of helping the vulnerable.

This year, the fund is planned to fund the treatment of 100 poor patients and procurement of medical equipment for 50 patients, with a total budget of QR2,500,000. To be able to pursue its social welfare mission for nationals and expatriates, the fund receives donations of Qatari benefactors and institutions. You can send an SMS with the letter “ر” or “R” to 92769 to donate 100 for the Patient Support Fund.

The latest case that the fund helped recover from his cardiac disease was an Indian expatriate called Mohamed Basheer, who said:

Thanks a lot to QRC. I have been working for years in the service of the people of this good land, leaving my wife and three children alone in India. Unfortunately, I suffered a cardiac artery occlusion and was became unable to work. I did not have enough money to make the necessary surgery, but QRC’s kind hearts covered all the costs, helping me to recover, come back to work, and secure a good living for myself and my family.’

According to Al Sulaiti, health empowerment is part of QRC’s social development programs that secure medicines and medical services for patients in Qatar. During 2013-2014, the fund received more than 220 cases, including cardiac problems, different cancers, cochlear implants, liver transplants, bone marrow transplants, renal diseases, Thalassemia, body part replacements, and hearing aids, with an overall budget of QR2,500,000.

Ever since its launch in 2002, the Patient Support fund has played an important role in supporting poor patients with its assistance and services that gained the trust of both beneficiaries and donors. It has become a destination for eligible patients who have medical reports from HMC, as well as a provider of medical aids by either by purchasing them or having them provided for free by the competent bodies.