Alfardan Donation QRC SomaliaQatar Red Crescent (QRC) has received a QR240,000 donation from Alfardan Group geared towards Qatar Solidarity Campaign with the People of Somalia and the Philippines.

The 30-day campaign has been launched in November in coordination with five local charitable societies under the guidance of HH The Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

The donation will be distributed between Somalia and the Philippines, QR100,000 and QR140,000 respectively. Qatar Solidarity Campaign has achieved a ground-breaking success as indicated by the volume of financial and in-kind donations as well as the number of participating individuals and corporations.

QRC’s Chairman Dr Mohammed bin Ghanem Al Ali Al Maadheed said:

This mass movement is a community initiative led by national philanthropic societies in cooperation with Qatari NGOs for the relief of our fellow human beings in the Philippines and Somalia during the times of distress that claimed the lives of thousands…Both Somali and Filipino expatriate communities have significant contributions to the development process of Qatar. They are currently in dire need of our support and we have rushed to aid them motivated by the teachings of Islam and the genuine constants of our culture.’

AlFardan Donation QRC PhilipinesThe overarching goal of the current emergency appeal is to generate cash donations up to QR40 million in support of the victims of natural disaster in Somalia and the Philippines. Relief efforts are being implemented in coordination with the International Committee of the Red Cross; the Philippine Red Cross; the Somali Red Crescent; as well as other organisations in both disaster-affected countries. The campaign will focus on providing support to take the appropriate action to provide immediate aid to the victims of natural disasters in the Philippines and Somalia. It is expected that the campaign will provide immediate relief to 8,200 families – approximately 41,000 people – in addition to non-food items, including blankets, mattresses, sleeping mats and food baskets.

Based on initial assessments in the Philippines only, there is an immediate need to distribute food and non-food items. Non-food items may include basic health care, and clean water. Shelters remain a top priority as assessments indicated that nearly 1.02 million homes were damaged, 47% of which were totally destroyed.

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Qatar Relief Alliance Distributes Aid Packages to Somali Families

QRC SomaliaQatar Alliance for the Relief of the people of Somalia and Philippines has distributed food and non-food items to 1,000 Somali families in cyclone-hit Puntland as part of its first emergency relief phase.

The Alliance, which is lead by QRC and made up of Qatar Charity organisations, has recently dispatched a delegation to Somalia in order to assess the needs of cyclone-affected victims and determine required support. The delegation includes the representatives of the Qatar Relief Alliance’s Higher Committee – Muhammad Mubarak Al Adsani and Dr Zuhair Abd-al-Qadir.

The distribution of aid items comes in light of an underway relief project sponsored by Qatar Relief Alliance that benefits natural disaster-affected victims in the countryside and suburbs of Puntland, Somalia. The aid package allocated to each family consists of 25 kg of rice, 25 kg of flour, 15 kg of sugar, 6 L of cooking oil, 2.5 kg of infant formula and 2 kg of dates, as well as blankets, cookware sets and tarpaulin sheets.