Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) and The Ritz-Carlton Doha will organise a day of events to celebrate the International Day of Charity this Thursday 5 September 2013 at 4:30 pm at The Ritz-Carlton Doha’s tent.

Dedicated to children of Syria under the slogan ‘Bringing Back Their Joy’, the day will include recreational activities, competitions and gift-giving as well as the distribution of school bags as the new academic year has approached.

According to the Secretary-General of QRC, Saleh Al Muhanadi, the goal of the event is to encourage charitable work through restoring smiles in the faces of the Syrian children. He said:

With the escalation of the Syrian crisis that cast a shadow of grief on the Syrian children, we aim at drawing the attention to the growing humanitarian needs and rally the community to support the children hoping to bring back their joy. We are hoping that this event would be a catalyst for companies, state institutions and community members to donate to QRC’s project that are implemented inside and outside Syria to provide Syrians with all what they need in terms of equipping hospitals, treating the wounded and provide shelter, food and basic necessities of life.’

As part of its community programme, the Cluster General Manager of The Ritz -Carlton Doha, Hoss Vetry, reached out to the hotel’s official charity partner, QRC, and offered to organise a special event in the light of children suffering in Syria. He said:

I am proud of the partnership between The Ritz-Carlton Doha and Qatar Red Crescent and that we could witness with even stronger evidence that both of our organisations are united towards the same goals and same aspirations, that of making a difference amongst communities, and in respect of the values we both share such as humility, empathy, generosity and thankfulness for life. I am honoured of our partnership with Qatar Red Crescent and to look at all the significant events and causes we have pursued, such as during the holy month of Ramadan or ‘A day without tobacco’ that was held last May to highlight on the importance of quitting smoking.  As part of our company’s worldwide Community Footprints programme, we consider that celebrating The International Day of Charity would crown our partnership with QRC specially that it aims at bringing the joy back to Syrian children who need all of our support.’